5 Spells to Stop Gossip and Lies

It’s likely that at some point, you’ve encountered people spreading gossip and false rumors about yourself; it’s a common experience we all go through. Jealousy, which is a natural human emotion, can sometimes lead to this behavior. It can be a really hurtful experience to go through!

Luckily, we have magick at our disposal to deal with this. Read on, or click on one of the following links to get to the spell you desire:

  1. Lie erasing visualization
  2. Gossip freezing spell
  3. A candle ritual to stop rumors
  4. A spell to make a liar feel guilty
  5. A spell to reveal a gossiper’s true colors to others

Now, let’s have a look at how you can stop gossip and rumors with some spells and rituals!

Lie Erasing Visualization

In today’s world – especially with the fast spread of information through social media and the internet – stopping the spread of falsehoods is vital. Lies, driven by various motives, can inflict pain and damage our relationships.

In this spell, we’ll explore how to protect ourselves from deceitful words and preserve our truth.

Protecting ourselves from lies is crucial

For this meditation, you don’t need a single thing, just your intention. You need to be clear about what you want, what you need, and why.

Find a comfy spot to sit or lie down, and close your eyes. Imagine the lies people are saying about you as a dark cloud in front of you. Really project the hurt and the pain that you feel into the dark, stormy cloud.

Spend some time really feeling the emotions that you feel about these rumors. Feeling the emotions and projecting them outwards is crucial here. Do this until you feel empty and spent.

Now, see the dark cloud drifting away slowly into the sky above. As you do so, chant the following incantation several times until the clouds are far away:

Clouds drift, taking lies away,

Rumors vanish, I’ll find my way.

Remember, those lies have nothing to do with who you really are. And as a witch (or magician, occultist -whatever you prefer), you have the power to decide what holds sway in your reality.

a witch performing a spell to stop gossip and lies
Never forget your power

Now, in your mind’s eye, picture a beautiful, bright light inside and around you – this represents your true self.

If someone accused you of something untrue, picture those aspects that truly define you, like precious gems, glowing brightly around you. See them glow and shimmer like the most precious treasure.

The lies are far away clouds, dissipating into the distance. They no longer concern you. Focus on the bright light shimmering around you, and repeat the following incantation while picturing the light glowing brighter and stronger:

My inner truth, a beacon bright,

Guides me through both day and night.

You may need to do this a couple of times before it takes effect. Repeat this whenever you feel yourself getting upset about the lies.

Over time, your negative emotions about the situation will completely disappear, to be replaced by strength and empowerment – which will stop the rumors in their tracks, as per the laws of manifestation. Hang in there, and stay persistent!

Gossip Freezing Spell

This spell is extremely effective when you’re aware of a specific rumor circulating about you – when done right, it should stop the rumor in its tracks.

The spell is a variation of the popular freezer binding spell, a form of sympathetic magick that is used when you want to freeze someone’s actions toward you. As the water freezes to ice, so will the harmful actions, and the target will be blocked from harming you, or will simply lack the motivation to do so any more. The gossip freezing spell works in a similar way.

However, this spell can only halt a particular rumor and won’t prevent people from gossiping about you entirely. The next spell in this article is better for the purpose of stopping all rumors – although it is more complex and time-consuming, while this freezer spell is quick and simple.

freezer spell to stop gossip and lies
A freezer spell will stop harmful actions in their tracks

For this freezer spell, you will need:

  • A Ziploc bag
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A freezer

The first step is to write down the rumor on the piece of paper. If you can, write using similar wording that the people spreading the rumor have used. If you don’t know the exact words, it’s fine to just jot down bullet points describing the details of the rumor.

Now, you’ll want to fold the piece of paper so it fits in the ziploc bag, and add water to the bag. You don’t need to fill the bag completely, but it should be enough so that the piece of paper is completely surrounded by water.

Now, place the piece of paper in the freezer, in a place where it will be left undisturbed. As you do so, chant the following incantation three times:

With folded words, power wanes,

Icy waters break the chains.

Frozen still, rumors fade,

In icy grasp, strength betrayed.

Now move on with your life, knowing that the the power of the rumor will fade as the water turns to ice, and eventually the memories of the rumor will be gone too.

It’s best to leave the bag in the freezer for as long as possible – if you take it out, the effects of the spell will dissipate.

However, if a long enough time has passed, people may naturally have lost interest and moved on with their lives. If you feel like this is the case, you may take the bag out. If the rumor reappears, simply repeat the spell.

A Candle Ritual to Stop Rumors

This ritual requires a little more time than the previous ones, because you will need to wait while the candle burns down (it’s best to use chime candles for this purpose, as they have a shorter burn time). Make sure to have a couple of hours scheduled for this ritual.

You will need:

  • Indigo candle
  • Ground black pepper
  • Frankincense
  • Olive oil
  • Ground cloves

One requirement for this ritual is to meditate for at least 15 minutes beforehand. You need to perform this spell with a calm mind and clear intentions, or you may end up hurting those who are spreading the rumors.

You may think that wouldn’t be a bad thing! However, consider the karmic repercussions of hurting others. You may end up causing more damage than you intended, and end up regretting it. And if that doesn’t convince you, consider this – a peaceful state of mind is important for this ritual, because you want to connect with the higher energies of spiritual truth in order for the ritual to work.

So, clear your head of anger and resentment before beginning. Your intention should be solely to stop the rumors and let the truth prevail.

woman meditating for candle magick spell
A peaceful mind is crucial for this ritual

First, carve the following words into the candle, in an upwards direction: “All untrue rumors about me.”

Next, coat the candle in olive oil, then rub the black pepper, frankincense, and cloves on it, so they stick to the candle’s surface, being sure to rub everything in an upwards motion towards the top of the candle (rubbing the oil and spices upwards represents the rumors being lifted up and away – while rubbing downwards would bring more into your life!)

Now light the candle, and speak the following words:

Rumors fade, like candle’s glow,

In darkness now, their power goes.

Silence falls, their voices cease,

With this flame, I find my peace.

Now let the candle burn down.

You don’t need to watch the candle the whole time, but make sure you stay in the same room as the candle, and remain in a calm and peaceful state of mind as you do. While the candle burns, you can meditate some more, visualize the rumors melting away, engage in a peaceful activity (such as reading a magickal or spiritual book), or simply rest.

A Spell to Make a Liar Feel Guilty

If there is a single person spreading lies about you, this spell is an excellent choice, because it will make the rumor-monger feel extremely uncomfortable about their actions. They will be eaten up by guilt and will either apologize to you or tell everyone that they were wrong. Then you can take the high road and forgive them.

This spell is an excellent choice to stop rumors at the source

This spell is a short and sweet one.

You will need:

First, anoint the candle with the oil. Myrrh is an oil that can soothe feelings of guilt and shame – however it can also create the opposite effect with a strong enough intent.

Once the whole candle is completely covered, light it and chant the following:

Guilt consumes, lies unwind,

Remorse awakens, dark thoughts bind.

In shadows of shame, seek the light,

Apologies offered, to make things right.

Keep chanting this incantation over and over while staring at the candle. Chant for about five minutes or so (you don’t need to time yourself, but make sure you keep chanting until the energy builds from the incantation).

When you intuitively feel done, stop chanting and let the candle burn out.

A Spell to Reveal a Gossiper’s True Colors

This spell is efficient, as it works with the natural laws of karma. You aren’t harming the gossiper – you are simply revealing them for who they truly are.

a spell to unmask a gossiper
This spell will unmask a gossiper

This is another short and sweet spell, although it takes place over seven days. You will need:

  • A handful of soil
  • A dish
  • Paper
  • Red ink/ a red pen

The first step is to write the gossiper’s name down on the paper. You will be writing their name nine times. If you don’t know who is doing it, you can simply write “the person who is slandering me.”

Place the piece of paper on the dish, and place the handful of dirt on top of it so that the paper is fully covered.

The following day is the first of the seven-day ritual. You will want to do this during the day – preferably at sunrise, but if you’re a night owl, you can do it any time in the morning.

Take the dish outside. Put your right hand over the soil and repeat the following incantation:

Veiled lies, they can’t withstand,

Day by day, they’ll lose their stand.

Dirt unveils, revealing insight,

Deception’s end, in the morning’s light.

Now take a little bit of the soil and throw it on the ground.

Each day, you will repeat the process and remove a little more of the soil, until the last day, when you remove the last part of the soil and reveal the paper underneath. Leave the piece of paper in the sun for a full day, and then burn it at night.

After this, people should see through the deceit of this individual, and they will no longer place their trust in them.

Final thoughts

Gossiping is a hurtful habit, and most of us have been on both sides of it. Now, armed with this knowledge, you can stop it and protect your reputation!

If this article has been helpful to you, be sure to check out the other articles on magick and witchcraft in our library.

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