A Freezer Binding Spell

This freezer binding spell is a simple way to stop someone causing harm to you or interfering with your life. It doesn’t cause them any harm – however it does attempt to manipulate their actions, so before performing this spell, think hard about the role of karma in magic (or the threefold law). Listen to your intuition, and decide for yourself if you are comfortable performing this spell, and whether the situation cannot be resolved any other way.

freezer binding spell

You will need:

  • A freezer
  • A ziplock bag
  • Water
  • Pen or pencil

Freezer Spell

Meditate on the action that the person is taking against you that you would like to stop. You should distill this into a concise statement, no more than two sentences. Write it down on the piece of paper, preceded by “I hereby bind (person’s name)”. For example:

I hereby bind John Doe from spreading hurtful and unwanted rumours about me.

Now say the following:

This slip of paper is (name), and his/her actions against me.

I hereby freeze (name) and bind him/her from causing me harm.

As my will so mote it be.

Or, if you don’t know the person’s name, say:

This slip of paper is the unknown one and their actions against me.

I hereby freeze them and bind them from causing me harm.

As my will so mote it be.

Next, fold the piece of paper so that it fits into the ziplock bag. Fill the bag with water until the paper is completely submerged.  Place the bag in the freezer, and freeze it solid.

Keep it there until the situation has resolved itself. Once it has, thaw the bag in a container (you need to keep the contents). Once the water is melted, go outside and dig a small hole to bury the piece of paper, and pour the water over it, while saying:

I release you from the binding, but enjoin you not to harm me again.

As my will so mote it be.

In the future, you may want to carry a protective device on you, such as this herbal protection sachet that you can easily make.

For an alternative to this spell, you can use this Banishing Spell Kit, which comes with ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell that can banish all negative energies, situations and people from your life.

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