A Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit

If you’re experiencing disturbances in your home, or towards yourself, you may have a malicious or evil spirit on your hands.

It’s important to rule out all other options first for your own peace of mind (but even if you don’t, this spell won’t cause any harm should the symptoms be caused by something else). Still, it’s a good idea to do some divination first so that you best know how to approach the issue.

The following spell is a general defence against evil spirits such as tricksters, astral parasites, or the unwell dead. If you’re experiencing a haunting of any kind, these low-level spirits are most likely to be the culprits.

However, if you have a more serious case on your hands, this may not be enough. If repeated use of this spell doesn’t work – and investigation and divination has ruled out any mundane or psychological issues – then you’ll need to bring in the big guns.

Depending on your experience level with magick, it could be a good idea to seek out an advanced practitioner that you trust. If you don’t know of any, then we recommend checking out this excellent book by The Gallery of Magick, which covers many forms of protection magick.

Now, onto the spell.

A Spell to Remove Evil Spirits

First, you will want to get hold of a smoke cleansing bundle (it’s also perfectly fine to make your own, if you have access to protective herbs such as sage or rosemary).

Open all doors and windows before you begin, so that any negative energies can easily escape. Now light the smoke bundle, and let the smoke fill all areas of your place. Pay special attention to corners and any other dark, hidden places, as well as windows and doorways. As you do so, recite the following incantation over and over:

By fire’s light and smoke’s embrace,
I banish darkness from this place.
Evil spirits now take flight,
In this sacred smoke, you have no right.

Alternatively – if you live in a place where you aren’t allowed to light things on fire – you can prepare a solution of sea-salt water (one tablespoon of salt per pint) and sprinkle it onto all surfaces, while reciting the following incantation:

By salt’s embrace and water’s flow,
I banish darkness, make it go.
Evil spirits, take your leave,
In saltwater’s tide, you shall not cleave.

Be sure to recite the incantation with firm authority, knowing that you have the Divine right to banish any unwanted spirits.

Once you are finished with the smoke or salt water, close all doors and windows. Sit in the middle of your space (or as close to the middle as you can), and visualise a golden light descending from above and filling your space. Recite the following incantation:

As energy shifts and darkness flees,
This space is cleansed, brought to ease.
With love and light, I seal this rite,
In harmony and peace, all’s set right.

Ideally, you should repeat this spell every day for a full week, and then once per week for a full month. This will ensure that the spirit views your place as inhospitable and never returns.

When you are out and about and away from your home, you should carry extra protection with you, such as this DIY herbal protection sachet, or a protective crystal like black tourmaline.

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4 thoughts on “A Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit”

  1. many thanks….I am new to this religion but have had evil entities following me since I was a child….after speaking these words I could feel their presence fade into nothing…..I no longer see them and it brings me great joy…

    blessed be,

  2. evil will follow from things that you see and things that you do these symbols are here to protect, unless someone hates you enough to take something from you, like a stand of hair a piece of something that is yours. if this is so start with rubbing your hands in salt before you sprinkle. the spirits smell/sense sweat and will linger until the find away in. spit in love war and after

  3. Thank you very much for this spell.
    I am a beginner at this,however I am going through something that this spell could really help with.If you have anymore suggestions for banishing Evil Spirits,please feel free to tell.
    Thank you and

    Blessed be.

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