A Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

A spell to quit drinking alcohol

This is a spell to help you stop drinking alcohol. It’s adapted from the stop smoking spell, and as it is a banishing spell, it’s best performed during a new or waning moon.

Disclaimer: If you are physically addicted to alcohol, don’t attempt to quit without consulting your doctor.  Quitting cold-turkey can endanger your health.

You will need:

  • 10-15 small pieces of paper (post-it note sized)
  • A pen
  • An empty bottle of your favourite alcohol with a lid (wash it before use)
  • A black cord or string
  • A glass of water
  • An amethyst crystal

Before you perform this spell, take some time to think of all the reasons why you would like to quit drinking alcohol.  Write each reason down on a separate piece of paper. For example:

  • I spend too much money on alcohol
  • I hate waking up with a hangover
  • I’m more likely to argue with my partner when I drink


Wiccan Spell to Stop Drinking

Begin your ritual by casting your circle and meditating for a few minutes until you feel clear-minded and calm. Gather all your pieces of paper. Pick one up, and read it out loud. Then, affirm the opposite of it, as if you have already stopped drinking. For example:

  • I spend too much money on alcohol becomes: I have so much more money now that I no longer drink.
  • I hate waking up with a hangover becomes: I love waking up every day feeling fresh and clear-headed.
  • I’m more likely to argue with my partner when I drink becomes: My relationship is so much better now that I’m sober.

Take a minute to feel what it would feel like if this were already true. Imagine that you’re a non-drinker and rejoice in how happy, free and healthy you feel now that you are freed from the habit. Then put the piece of paper that you’ve been holding into the empty bottle.

Pick up the next piece of paper, and repeat the process. When every piece of paper is in the bottle, put on the lid. Tie the black cord around the bottle’s neck, and secure it with three knots.

Now take the glass of water, and imagine a beautiful white light beaming outwards from it. Drink the water slowly, and feel the light pouring into your body with each sip, purifying you and blessing you.

Finally, take the amethyst and cup it between your hands.  Feel the white light circulating around your body, becoming stronger and stronger, and then flowing into the amethyst.  Imagine the crystal pulsating with that light-energy.  Sit with this meditation for a few minutes, until your inuition tells you that you are done.

Say: I am now a non-drinker. So mote it be.  

Feel it to be true.

Now close your circle.  You may bury the bottle in the ground, or throw it in the bin if you prefer.

After you are done with this ritual, you should carry the amethyst around with you. Whenever you feel like drinking alcohol, drink a glass of water and repeat the above visualisation.

As an alternative to this spell, you can use this Releasing Spell Kit, which comes complete with all ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell to release baggage and burdens from your life that you no longer wish to carry.

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