A Waxing Moon Money Spell

The Moon follows a 29 and a half-day Lunar Cycle, which is extremely important to follow if you want to perform powerful spells successfully. One of the most favourable periods for attracting wealth, love and good luck is a so-called “waxing moon”, which occurs during the first half of a lunar month, when the amount of light brightening up the moon is steadily increasing.

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During this phase, you can perform a few very special spells, including the Waxing moon money spell. To cast this spell, you will need to acquire the following:

  • A brown candle Brown is known to attract wealth and increase income, which is very important for this powerful ritual.
  • A gold coin.
  • A set of aromatic spices: a cinnamon stick, zest of one orange, and dried basil

To cast the Waxing moon money spell, follow these steps:

First of all, wait for a “waxing moon” to come. If you’re new to the Lunar cycle, don’t be afraid to ask your more experienced friends and mentors, as the spell can have bad effects if performed at a wrong time. Better be safe than sorry!

Find a quiet room, make sure there is no light other than moonlight in the room before you start the ritual. Gather your supplies. Light up the candle and focus on the flame; take 30 deep breaths, visualising wealth and prosperity entering your life. Put the gold coin and the spices between your palms, rub for a few moments and inhale the aromas.

Say the following three times:

Money flow, money grow, money glow.

Blow the candle.

Place the coin you used in the ritual in your everyday wallet or purse. You should see the effects within a few weeks.

A couple of alternatives to this spell are this money drawing spell kit, and prosperity bath ritual, both of which come with full ingredients and instructions for casting a money spell.

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