4 Unique and Easy Circle Casting Methods for Beginners

If you have ever looked up a magick spell online you likely know that it’s recommended to cast a magick circle before beginning. We’ve already talked about how to make one (2 ways, actually), but we haven’t told you about alternatives and reasons to do this.

So if you want to be a more educated witch, keep on reading!

Why should you cast a magick circle?

There are actually a couple of reasons to cast a circle. All of them are vastly different, so you will likely be able to find a factor that could come in handy while performing a ritual. Either way, you should really get into the habit of casting one before performing any kind of ritual.


Magick circles are sometimes also called circles of protection. This is for an obvious reason, to keep unwanted spirits and energies away from your work. When you are casting a spell you are in a vulnerable state of mind. This is perfect for any negative energies coming your way, whether that be in the form of a hex or a harmful spirit. Without a circle, these will get to you without a problem and may disrupt your work or cause damage to your being.

Keeping distractions out

Bad energy and spirits are one thing, but the distractions from the mundane world are also dangerous. They can easily take away your attention from your work and thus they can easily make it more likely that you mess up a spell. A magick circle can help prevent this from happening by keeping out these distractions. This includes sounds and smells, but unfortunately, most circles aren’t strong enough to keep you from seeing outside of it.

cast circle for protection

Calling deities

If you have used our previous guide you know that it’s a good idea to call the God, the Goddess, and all four of the elements. Their presence will help your craft and make the flow of energy smoother. Casting a circle is the perfect opportunity to invite them.

Keeping energy in

I have already told you that the circle can keep out negative energies. But did you know that it can also keep your own energy inside? That way it can culminate and overpower the space around you, making your work much easier. For example, if you want to cast a spell that brings you luck you can cast the circle, meditate, and focus on your intent. You will be surrounded by this kind of energy and it will enhance the spell. Without a circle, this energy spreads out and isn’t dense enough to help. Because of this, you have to keep producing it, which takes a lot more energy.

Is the traditional Wiccan circle casting necessary?

Not at all. The methods we have previously talked about are fairly complicated and take more time than the usual circles. Plus, they involve practices that you don’t need most of the time if you just want a bit of protection from negative energy.

You can leave out plenty of those, like calling upon the four elements, spinning around, and even lighting candles. These are all parts of more advanced circle casting. They aren’t necessary for beginner witches who just want to pray to a deity or manifest a wish.

What are some other circle casting methods?

Since you don’t want to overcomplicate your circle you need to have a couple of alternatives. These are all pretty easy to do, so you should be able to find something on this list that fits your needs.

1. Shamanic medicine wheel

I haven’t seen many people use this method, but those who did can safely say that it works really well. It’s almost exactly like the traditional Wiccan circle, except for the fact that it doesn’t only need a pointer to the north, south, east, and west, but up and down as well.

There are plenty of ways to use the wheel to cast a circle, but what most do is set it up, then meditate in the middle. Similar to our previous methods, you are supposed to fill the space with an energy that will keep you safe from everything around you and clear your mind.

2. Magickal thread

This is what I do, although I have never really heard of anyone practicing this.

Simply take some thread (thin or thick, it doesn’t matter) and measure out a certain length. It should be enough to surround you while you sit on the ground and also another being, should you ever contact a deity that needs its own space. Don’t try to cut corners either, because if your elbows or knees stick out it won’t work properly. Take the thread and bless it first. Give it the power of protection, inspiration, and communication if you plan on contacting spirits.

After this, you are done. Whenever you want to cast a spell simply lay down the thread in a circle, call upon the God and the Goddess and perform your craft.

3. Salt circle

This tends to be the most popular one among witches because you don’t need to do anything except sprinkle salt around yourself in a circle. Seems easy enough, right? That’s what we all think at first. It’s usually not as efficient, but it’s also a pain to clean up. The latter can be avoided with one simple trick: hula hoops. Take one made of plastic, separate the ends, and put a good amount of salt in it. Then push the ends back together and whenever you need a circle you will just need to take this premade one out. It does need a blessing and cleansing every once in a while though and the salt should be changed regularly.

4. Magick circle chant

You can find tons of these chants out there. All they require is for you to be in a place where you won’t be disturbed, and for you to have a strong intent. Say the words, imagine your circle and you’re done. This is honestly the simplest way to do it, so I highly recommend it to all novice witches.

Final Thoughts

While casting a magick circle isn’t necessary to practice, it’s still good to have. It can save you a lot of trouble and energy, so maybe it’s time to get into the habit of casting one before each ritual!


Heidi Caedere – Writer, witch and wanderer. I’m here to help my fellow modern witches succeed with their craft and spellwork so that we may make our own lives or the world slightly better.

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