Fire Spells

fire spellsThe Role Of Fire In Magic Spells

If you want to create fast acting and powerful spells that are full of energy, then creating a fire spell will be something that you might like to consider – although it is said to be an element that is to be used with caution – for as energetic and powerful that it is, it can also be destructive.

There are some practitioners of magic who like to find their preferred ‘element’, and fire is one of those elements along with water, air and earth. This is purely based upon personal choice but if you use fire as a stand alone element, or combine it with other elements will certainly add some potency to your spells.

Spells in particular that work well with fire are banishing or transmuting spells, and those that create passion, or overcome apathy. The most common (and easier to control) method of using fire is through the use of candles, and if you want to add a little more ‘pizazz’ to your fire energy you could incorporate fiery stones and herbs such as carnelian, bloodstone, cinnamon and cedar.

Whatever you do though, don’t underestimate the power of fire, in both its physical and magical sense. It is wise to take precautions when working your spells (i.e fire safety) and with your intentions when casting your spells. Nobody wants to get burned.

fire spells

The Element Of Fire

Fire is powerful and active, it represents spirit, passion, and energy in all of its forms, it is fast paced and is usually used to bring more energy to your purpose. Fire lights up the dark, warms up the earth and transforms the physical into the non physical (such as to ash, smoke and dust). It’s hypnotic. Mesmerising. Transcending. It can purify, and commands the utmost of respect at all times.

But it’s also destructive, it burns, scorches, destroys and transmutes everything in it’s path and it moves quickly – too fast if you do not control its force.

Fire can represent leadership, pride, honour, anger, brutality, destruction, action, it is a provider for it keeps us warm and gives us the means to cook, it executes both in the positive and negative sense, and it is explosive!

Fire energy is considered to be the most powerful of the elements, and is one that needs to be monitored and controlled at all times so that you can maintain a positive equilibrium and avoid scorching yourself or others.

Here are some examples of the types of spells that you might like to consider, and as you’ll see in true representation of the power of fire, not too many tools are really needed in order to execute a fire spell.

fire spells - prosperity

Fire Spell To Attract Prosperity or Success



  • Simply light the candle and burn the basil (you could also anoint the candle with basil oil).
  • Chant the following whilst the candle is burning:

Send me success and prosperity

So I can use and share with thee.

  • Repeat whilst the candle is burning.
  • At the end say so mote it be.
  • Bury the ashes in the earth.

Fire Spell To Banish Apathy

You will need:

  • Matches

Cast this spell outside, and keep some water handy (just in case of an emergency)

Here’s what you do:

  • Hold a match in your hand and chant the following:

Fire, fire, fire by the power of three,
Give fire control to me,
Fire show the light, don’t let me see the night,
Let me use my fire, the fire is my desire,
Bring me my burning light,
Don’t hurt my friends, don’t hurt me,
Start a flame within me,
So mote it be!

  • Repeat this three times, using a new lit match each time.

Note: You could also adapt this spell and use candles if desired.

As an alternative to these spells, you can also use our Fire Ritual Bath Kit, which comes with all the ingredients and instructions you need to bring more fire energy into your life.

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