Full Moon Money Spell

Money magic may seem complex to some, but it’s actually quite straightforward. Like many other areas of life, money is just a form of energy that can be attracted. By using effective spells and following proper rituals, there’s no limit to the abundance you can manifest.

One of the most powerful times to do money spells is during the full moon, and that’s why we love this simple, yet powerful full moon money spell.

witch during a full moon casting a money spell

Here’s why the Full Moon is ideal for money magic:

  1. Amplified energy: The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy, making it particularly potent for spellwork. This energy can be harnessed to amplify the intentions of the money spell, increasing its effectiveness.
  2. Manifestation: The Full Moon is associated with the peak of manifestation energies. It’s a time when intentions set during the New Moon reach their culmination, making it an opportune moment to manifest abundance and prosperity.
  3. Culmination and completion: The Full Moon represents the culmination of the lunar cycle, symbolizing completion and fulfillment. Performing a money spell during this time aligns with the natural rhythm of the universe, enhancing the likelihood of desired outcomes coming to fruition.
  4. Visibility: The Full Moon’s illumination provides heightened visibility both physically and energetically. This clarity can aid in visualizing financial goals and intentions with greater precision and focus.
  5. Emotional influence: The Full Moon is known to affect emotions and intuition. By harnessing this lunar energy, practitioners can tap into their subconscious mind and emotional guidance to align their intentions with their deepest desires for financial abundance.
  6. Patience and timing: The necessity of waiting for the Full Moon to perform the money spell emphasizes the importance of patience and timing in manifestation work. This waiting period builds anticipation and allows practitioners to focus their energy and intentions during the optimal lunar phase.

Casting the full moon money spell:

To cast the full moon money spell, you will need:

  • Three gold coins
  • A green pouch
  • A small mirror that fits in the pouch you are going to be using

Wait for the full moon. Ideally, the moon should be 100% full, but you can also do this on the day before or the day after the full moon – in a pinch.

Find a quiet room. Turn off the lights, open the window and let the moon light in. No other lights or candles should be on.

Open the pouch and place the gold coins inside, one by one, followed by the mirror. Be very careful to not drop anything in the process, otherwise you won’t succeed.

Holding the pouch, close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the flow of energy represented by money. Imagine a steady and abundant flow of energy symbolized by money. Picture this flow as a vibrant and continuous stream, moving effortlessly towards you. Visualize bundles of currency, coins, or any other form of wealth you desire, flowing towards you in a smooth and uninterrupted manner.

Envision yourself surrounded by this energy of abundance, feeling it radiate around you with warmth and positivity. See yourself as a magnet for wealth, effortlessly attracting financial opportunities and prosperity into your life.

As you focus your thoughts on this visualization, allow yourself to feel a sense of deep gratitude and confidence in your ability to attract and manage abundance. Embrace the feeling of abundance as if it’s already present in your life, reinforcing your belief in the effectiveness of the spell and your capacity to manifest wealth.

Then, say the following three times:

Note to note, coin to coin,
The flow of wealth I will soon join

The spell is now cast. Keep the pouch close to you at all times, but out of sight from anyone else. You can repeat the spell when you need another boost of income.

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