Intuition Spell – Receive Clearer Messages from the Spirits

Our intuition is the Universe’s way to communicate with us. Once we have cast a spell, the Universe will respond by sending us the people and circumstances we have asked for. So it is important that we listen to our gut feelings, always, but particularly in the days and weeks after casting a spell. If we follow our intuition, the Spirits will lead the way.

So how do we know what is intuition and what is merely our imagination? That is what this intuition spell is about. We will create a talisman which we can keep with us to receive clearer guidance.

(Note: For lots more tips and tricks regarding intuition and spiritual communication, check out  “The Essence of Magick – A Wiccan’s Guide to Successful Witchcraft“.)

What you need for the intuition spell:

1 small pouch (purple is preferred)
1 crystal quartz
1 amethyst crystal
5 purple candles
Sandalwood incense
1 small piece of paper and a pen

Let’s begin…

Start by placing the five candles around you in a circle. As you light the candles, invoke the Spirits and ask for protection and connection during the casting of this intuition spell.

Sit in the middle of your circle. Light the incense. Breathe deeply and relax into a meditation, with your palms open to receive the Universe’s energies. You are going into your Higher Self to receive a symbol that represents your higher wisdom. Set this intention as you visualise your mind climbing from your Third Eye out through your crown and higher up, to a place about 1 metre (3 feet) above your head. This is your 10th chakra, where you Higher Self resides.

Go into this place, feel your mind merging with this chakra. Breathe, relax, let it flow. When you are ready, say out loud or in your mind:

“For clearer sight, for clearer mind
A symbol of myself I’ll find”

Repeat this a few times, then slowly move your mind back down into your Third Eye. Once there, you will see a symbol. It can be absolutely anything. As soon as you see it, draw it on your piece of paper. This symbol, as I say, represents your higher wisdom and your Higher Self.

Place the piece of paper, together with the quartz and the amethyst, in your pouch, as you say the following words:

“Universe, Spirits, Angels and Guides
Receive my eternal gratitude for all that is
I ask for clearer guidance, as I will listen with a sharper ear
May this talisman heighten my intuition
To receive your messages more clearly
So mote it be”

Close your circle by blowing out the candles. Thank the Spirits for their presence. Keep the talisman with you, and keep it under your pillow at night.

If ever you are confused about certain messages or a specific situation, meditate with your talisman. The best way to receive clear messages is to silence our minds. Stop trying anything; simply sit with your talisman and open your heart and soul to the never-ending guidance of the Universe, and the answers will come to you.

As an alternative to this spell, you can use a Vision and Intuition Spell Kit or a Spirit Ritual Bath Kit, both of which come complete with all ingredients and full instructions to cast spells to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

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