An (Ethical) Spell to Bring Back Lost Love

Although a lot of people look for spells to bring back lost love, usually with an ex, love spells that target a specific person are often a matter of controversy.  Many witches will shy away from lost love spells, and even warn others against it.

Is it possible to cast a love spell to bring back your lost lover without infringing on their free will, and attracting karma back?

As it turns out, there is a way to cast spells like these without harming the other person, and it can be way more effective than trying to force another person to love you against their will. With this spell, you will instead focus on clearing all the negative energy between yourself and your target, and on turning yourself into an attractive recipient for their love.

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In many cases of lost love, a relationship starts out with two people in love, and deteriorates due to fights, fears, insecurities and anger, to name a few obstacles to true love. Eventually all this negative energy builds up, and the relationship ends. So by clearing up this energy, you actually have a better chance of rekindling with your lost love, than if you were to try and bind them to you against their will, with all the negative energy still present.

Note: It is important to be prepared to put in the work on yourself before and after performing this lost love spell – even if you clear up the negative energies, you will build up more of them if you keep repeating the same patterns that contributed to the relationship failing in the first place. So make sure that you have the self-awareness and willingness to be the best version of yourself in this relationship.

Spell to Clear Negative Energies and Bring Back Lost Love

You need to perform this lost love spell every day, preferably at the same time, for seven consecutive days. It is best to start this spell during the waning moon phase as it is a purifying spell. The best timing is to begin on the first day of the waning moon, and stop on the new moon.

For this love spell, you will need:

The white candles represent you and your lost lover.  You may mark them with your names if you wish, so that you can tell the candles apart.  The purple candle represents the divinity, or the Higher Self that exists in all of us.

Choose a place where you can place your candles undisturbed (if you have an altar, use this). Place the purple candle in the middle, and the two white candles to the sides of it, but towards you, so that the three candles form a triangle with the point away from you.  The white candle representing you will be placed on whichever side of the body is our dominant (e.g. if you are right-handed, place it on the right side).

Before you perform the spell, spend at least five minutes meditating to clear your mind from the clutter of the day.

Next, light the candle representing you. Say: “This is my Divine Self“. Hold the candle in your hands and see yourself as you truly are, underneath all the flaws that are a normal part of human nature. See yourself as a being of light, a spark of divine consciousness, a soul made up of pure love. If you are a visual person, you may imagine yourself simply glowing a beautiful, bright light.

Then light the candle representing your lost lover, hold it, and say: “This is (person’s name)’s Divine Self”. Now perform the same visualisation for your lover, seeing them as a pure being of light in the eyes of the Universe, stripped of all their flaws, exposing the beautiful soul that exists underneath.

Lastly, light the purple candle, hold it, and say: “May we be guided to our Highest Good”. Here comes the tricky part of the ritual: you need to visualise the two of you feeling harmonious and joyful, without any attachment to having a relationship. This means that, for the few minutes you are doing this visualisation, you must let go of any need to be in a relationship with this person. You should simply focus on the two of you being happy, individually.

The reason for this is that desperation and attachment form the same negative energy we talked about before. So, in order to allow a lost relationship to flourish again, you need to let go of the desperate need for it. You do this by allowing the both of you to be happy whether you are in a relationship or not.

Sending energy to the image of both of you being happy without each other will not diminish the chances of you bringing back your lost love – it’s the opposite. This is just one of those paradoxes of magick that may take some time to wrap your head around, but to put it simply – being OK with your least desired outcome removes the fear of that outcome. Removal of fear makes it more likely that you’ll get what you want.

After you have put down the purple candle, light the sage smudge and blow it all over the candles. Visualise the negative energies between you and your lost lover dislodging and being lifted up and away by the smoke.

Say: “An it harm none, so mote it be

Blow out the candles.

Repeat this same ritual for seven days in a row, and try to take your mind off your lover for the rest of the time. If you find yourself thinking about them obsessively, take a few minutes to visualise the both of you being happy and at peace (again, don’t tie any expectations to this visualisation, simply feel that you are both individually happy).

If your relationship is meant to be, then this lost love spell will help dispel the built-up negative energy between you, and can help lead to a reconciliation. If it is not meant to be, then this spell will still provide you with relief, and you may find that your feelings for this person start to fade, as the negative energy fades.

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