Lucid Dreaming to Find Your Familiar

lucid dreaming - animal familiarLucid dreaming involves a full mind/body awareness, as well as visualization skills to bring yourself into a dream state to accomplish tasks in the spiritual realm that you cannot do in the physical realm. Like with many disciplines, it is a learned technique and can only be developed with patience and ongoing practice. For those of us witches who are on the quest of finding our animal familiars, this can also be done through lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a very effective way to connect with these guides regularly on the astral plane. While learning how to lucid dream, it is important to have some criteria to go off of so that you are aware of the steps involved and the concentration that it takes.

Preparation for Lucid Dreaming

Prior to lucid dreaming, prepare the atmosphere of your home to be quiet and peaceful, so that relaxation flows naturally. Smudge the energy of the room with sage or incense, and visualize the room as an atmosphere that is calming and filled with the healing energy of nature.

Put your dream journal next to your bed, and any other objects that are sacred to you. Set your alarm clock to go off in 1-2 hours from when you start, so that you can reflect on your dream and journal your experience right away.

You can prepare for the lucid dreaming process beforehand by resting your body and relaxing your mind. Start by taking 10 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Allow your stress to melt away with each exhalation. This process clears the mind, and allows contact between you and your familiar to start taking place.

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How to Find your Familiar Through Lucid Dreaming

Step 1.) Lay down, and get comfortable. Rest your eyes like you would to go to sleep. If you hold your awareness at the point just before falling asleep, this is the considered to be beginning state of a lucid dream.

Step 2.) Now that you have entered the lucid dream state, begin to drift into a dream of your own making. For the purpose of finding your familiar, focus your dream on a natural habitat that you are immediately drawn to and begin to observe this natural habitat or what it looks like, smells like, sounds like, and feels like. Begin to experience moving around in this habitat and see how it feels to you.

Step 3.) Wait and continue observing this habitat until you see signs of your familiar around you. Ask aloud for your familiar to reveal itself to you. Do you notice any new sounds? Do you notice any new sights or smells?

Step 4.) If an animal shows itself to you, consider it a sign to ask if it is your familiar. If the answer is no, be patient and try again later. If the answer is yes, prepare to ask some questions, take a moment to ponder what these questions might be. Consider this likened to an opportunity of meeting a good friend after many years apart. Feel some excitement about this reunion.

Step 5.) Ask them how they would like to work with you, and listen closely to their response. Should you have any magickal workings that need doing in your life, this would be a good time to try asking them if they will assist you with them. Listen closely to their response and integrate it into your mind.

Step 6.) Whenever you feel that the mission of your lucid dream is complete, and you are ready to say your farewells, honor your familiar with a bow or a hug and give thanks to them for their presence in your life. Begin to do ome reality checks. Imagine your body laying on your bed in your home, and ask yourself for permission to “wake up from this dream”. Wiggle your fingers, and shake your arms to get signal to your body to return to it’s normal waking state.

Completing your Lucid Dream

When you feel you have completed your lucid dream and are confident that you have met your animal familiar or have received answers to your questions, then the rest is up to you to see how you prefer to end your lucid dream. Some may prefer to wake up after lucid dreaming to journal their experience while it’s still fresh on their minds, while others may prefer to drift right to sleep and journal about it the following morning.

Keep in mind that within 5 minutes of waking from a dream, your dream memory is already reduced by 50%, so consider journaling immediately after and go from there. Remember that practice is absolutely essential to connecting with your familiar on a regular basis. You can repeat this entire process at any time you want to meet your familiar again and do magickal work with them in the spirit realm.

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