Prosperity Spell – The Treasure Chest

This is a prosperity spell which involves making a sacred treasure chest. After making it, this chest should be put on your altar if you have one, or kept in a special place where it won’t be disturbed.

prosperity treasure chest

For this prosperity spell, you will need:

  • A small box (this box will be special to you, so choose one that you like. You can either buy a chest, or make one on your own out of a cardboard box – if you choose your own treasure chest, get creative with paint and embellishments!)
  • A magnet
  • Things to fill the treasure chest with – anything that resembles money or gemstones is good. They don’t have to be valuable objects if you can’t afford it, but they should be things that you like that remind you of treasure. A few ideas: small coins, beautiful beads, crystals (especially money-attracting crystals like jade or tiger’s eye), orgonite, Christmas tree baubles and tinsel, jewellery, and any metallic or glittery objects.
  • Prosperity oil (optional)

The Treasure Chest Prosperity Spell

There are three parts to this prosperity spell: cleansing, consecrating and charging.

Part 1: Cleansing the Treasure Chest

Gather all your spell ingredients, and cleanse them. A few good cleansing methods include:

  • Smudging them with sage, or using other incense smoke to clear away any residual energies
  • Putting the objects on the ground in the moonlight to purify them
  • Placing orgonite or a highly cleansing crystal, such as black tourmaline or amethyst under or on them.
  • Placing the objects in sea-salt water (if the objects shouldn’t be placed in water, then putting them in a bowl of sea-salt will do. Throw the salt away after using, don’t put it on your food!)
  • Cleanse them with your own personal energy. This can be effective especially when combined with a physical cleansing of the object with a small brush or cloth.

2. Consecrating the Treasure Chest

Once you have cleansed all the objects that will go into your treasure chest (and the chest itself), you will need to consecrate them during a simple ritual. First, prepare the area you will be performing the spell in – have enough space for you to sit in your circle with all the objects you’ve gathered, and mark out your circle area ( you can do this by placing candles at the four cardinal points, or crystals, flowers salt, or other sacred objects).  Light some candles in the room, and make the space feel sacred. You might want to put on meditation or shamanic drumming music to create the mood you want.

Now cast your circle. You can perform a more elaborate ritual for this, or you can simply visualise your circle space filling with white light, and set a strong intention of protection and divinity, calling upon any spirit guides or guardians that you have.

Now, sitting in your sacred circle with all your treasure chest items in front of you, take some time to centre yourself with a few minutes of meditating, and come to a place of complete stillness in your mind. Breathe in deeply seven times before continuing. Then place the magnet in the box, in the middle. Next, take up one object for the treasure chest, and before you put it in, gaze at it and imagine it to be a valuable object. Praise it in your mind, think of how beautiful and precious it is, and know that it is safely yours. Say the following incantation:

Prosperity, flow to me,
In abundance, three times three.

If you have prosperity oil, anoint the object with a single drop of oil, and rub it in. Next, put the object in the box, imagining prosperity flowing to you, as if it is already happening (which it IS – if you do this spell properly, you are opening yourself up to the energy of prosperity, – the fastest way to close yourself off to this energy is to doubt it, so have faith and trust that it is happening for you).

Now repeat this with all the objects to be put in the treasure chest. Do not rush this – take your time with each object, as if you were admiring real treasures in a real old pirate’s treasure chest that had just come into your possession. If this happened, you would look at each gem and old coin with wonder and gratitude, so do this now.

Once you have put all your treasures into your treasure chest, close it, put your hand over it, and say:

May you be a magnet for prosperity
May wealth flow through you, to me
An it harm none
So mote it be

3. Charging the Prosperity Treasure Chest

This is the part where you charge the treasure chest with magical energy. There are a few methods to this.  If you are adept at the skill of raising your own energy to charge objects, then do this while you are still in the circle.  If not, you can put the treasure chest in either moonlight or sunlight for one full day or night (be careful, as very strong sunlight may bleach colours on your box, depending on the materials).

Once the prosperity treasure chest is charged, place it on your altar or in your special place. Try to avoid letting other people touch it if you can, and do not open or disturb it unless you must. It is now a magnet for prosperity in your life, and it should be treated with respect and appreciation.

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