Lapis Lazuli and Quartz Pentagram Bracelet 8mm


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This beautiful bracelet features 8mm lapis lazuli and quartz beads, as well as a pentagram symbol. It can help you tap into your inner wisdom and amplify your spiritual intentions. Read more below for the powerful properties of lapis, quartz and the pentagram symbol.

Ships from the US. One size fits most. 8mm beads.

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This lapis lazuli and quartz bracelet is a beautiful and spiritually meaningful piece that combines the energies of two powerful stones and a sacred symbol.

Lapis Lazuli: This deep blue gemstone has long been associated with spirituality and truth. Lapis Lazuli enhances inner wisdom, intuition, and spiritual insight. It helps you communicate your thoughts and feelings with clarity and honesty. This stone encourages self-awareness and aligns with the third eye chakra, forging a deeper connection with your inner self and the spiritual realm.

Quartz: Known as the “master healer” in the crystal world, Quartz amplifies energy and intentions. It purifies and cleanses the mind, body, and spirit, making it a beautiful companion for meditation and spiritual practices. Quartz also enhances clarity, focus, and spiritual growth by channeling positive energy and dispelling negativity.

Pentagram Symbol: The pentagram, a five-pointed star enclosed within a circle, has a deep spiritual significance. Each point of the star represents one of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. The circle symbolizes unity and protection. Wearing a pentagram signifies a connection to the elements and the spiritual world. It’s often used as a symbol of balance, protection, and the pursuit of higher knowledge.

This bracelet is a harmonious blend of spiritual energies. It’s designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom, amplify your spiritual intentions, and provide a sense of protection and balance in your spiritual journey. Wear this bracelet with intention and let it serve as a reminder of your spiritual path, guiding you towards truth, clarity, and growth.


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