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This smudge pack includes a stick each of cedar, white sage and blue sage. These metaphysical tools purify your space and cleanse your energy. See below for more details on how to use them.

Each stick measures approximately 3-4″. Ships from the US.

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This smudge pack includes a stick each of cedar, white sage and blue sage. These powerful metaphysical tools purify your space and cleanse your energy.

The Properties of Cedar: Good for Protection and Grounding

Cedar, revered by Indigenous cultures for centuries, brings the energy of protection and grounding to your smudging practice. Its sweet, earthy scent creates a shield against negativity, making it ideal for clearing spaces and enhancing your spiritual boundaries. Cedar uplifts your spirit, offering a sense of stability and strength.

The Properties of White Sage: Good for Cleansing and Clarity

White Sage, known as the sacred purifier, has been used by Native American tribes for generations. Its clean, crisp aroma clears away stagnant energies, bringing clarity to your thoughts and surroundings. As the smoke spirals, it carries away impurities, inviting in a fresh, positive energy that revitalizes your space.

The Properties of Blue Sage: Good for Peace and Serenity

Blue Sage, also known as Grandmother Sage, emanates a soothing, calming presence. Its fragrance promotes inner peace and tranquility, making it a perfect choice for meditation and relaxation. With Blue Sage, you can create a serene atmosphere that encourages reflection and balance.

The History of Smoke Cleansing

The art of smoke cleansing, otherwise known as smudging, traces its roots back to Indigenous cultures across the globe, from Native Americans to indigenous peoples of Asia and South America. Smoke cleansing involves the burning of sacred herbs to purify and cleanse both physical spaces and the energetic aura.

How to Perform a Smoke Cleanse:

  1. Gather Your Tools: Light your smudge stick using a candle, match, or lighter. Allow it to smolder and smoke.
  2. Set Intentions: Hold your smudge stick with reverence and set your intentions, whether they be protection, purification, or healing.
  3. Begin Smudging: Starting at the entrance, move clockwise through each room, wafting the smoke gently into corners, doorways, and windows. Visualize negative energies being replaced with positive light.
  4. Focus on Yourself: After smudging your space, smudge yourself by gently waving the smoke around your body. Visualize any negativity dissolving.
  5. Extinguish the Smudge Stick: Safely extinguish the smudge stick when you’re finished by pressing it into a fireproof container, such as an abalone shell or ceramic dish.
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