Talismans for the Spiritual Seeker – a Review of Ka Gold Jewelry

Ka Gold Jewelry is the creation of David Weitzman, an artisan and spiritual truth-seeker. David has spent decades studying traditions such as Kaballah, Tibetan Buddhism, sacred geometry, Jewish mysticism and ancient Egyptian symbolism, and he uses this knowledge to create magical amulets and talismans finely crafted in gold and silver. His pieces have helped countless people around the world find strength, healing and spiritual growth through their powerful symbolism.ka gold talismans and amulets

Wiccan Spells has been partnering with Ka Gold Jewelry for some time now, and recently I had the opportunity to pick out a personal piece for myself.

I’ll have to admit, it was a difficult choice, and I spent a while browsing the website, feeling like a kid in a candy shop. There are many designs to pick from, categorised by intention –healing, abundance, protection, love and more. I was drawn to many of them – the beautiful flower of life pendants, the powerful runic ring, and these elegant lotus earrings to name a few.

ka gold flower of life amulets
In the end, I decided to choose a piece which matched my intention of spiritual growth – the Four Winds ring. David created this design for truth-seekers and travellers who wish to overcome the illusions of the world and find sacred wisdom and enlightenment.

The Four Winds ring has a Hebrew engraving which reads “Father of the four winds fill my sails across the sea of years”, as well as a quote from the Tao Te Ching, “The farther one travels the less one knows”. There was a choice of 20 different stones to be set in the ring, and in the end, I chose labradorite, which is a beautiful crystal of self-discovery, intuition and magic.

After making my choice, the ring arrived after two weeks – which was very quick, considering that it was made from scratch and shipped from Israel to England. The ring arrived in this box:

ka gold amulet case

It also came with a scroll containing a full description of the ring and its properties.

As for the ring itself? It was even more beautiful than on the photos I had seen, and I immediately loved it. Perhaps it’s the power of using ancient knowledge and alchemy that makes David’s jewellery so inviting. Some pieces of jewellery just feel magical, and this is one of them.

ka gold talisman

While any piece of jewellery can become a magical talisman if imbued with the right intent, there is something extra powerful about pieces that are created with care and knowledge by a skilled artisan who understands the power of ancient symbolism.

I haven’t gotten around to properly charging the ring with intent yet as I’ve been travelling and working long days, and I wanted to really take time to set my intent and charge the ring during ritual. Even though I haven’t done this yet, I can still feel its effect – not long after I had started wearing the ring, I was invited to a closed Facebook group offering an advanced magical study program which was exactly what I had been looking for for months! Needless to say, I’m excited to see what happens once I do charge the ring.

ka gold talisman amulet ring
Choosing and Using a Talisman

First of all, consider your intent. Is it protection, love, self-knowledge, or something else? There are fourteen different categories to choose from on the Ka Gold website, so you’d want to spend some time browsing through the categories you are interested in. Use your intuition to pick out a piece that appeals to you the most.
Once you have your piece, you can cleanse it and charge it with your desired intent.

Some methods of cleansing:

  • Use sage smudge, incense or palo santo smoke
  • Place the talisman in moonlight for a full night (full moon is best, but not required!)
  • Hold the talisman under running water
  • Place the talisman on a quartz or amethyst cluster

How to charge a talisman:

  • Be specific about your intent – formulate it in one or two sentences
  • Prepare your ritual space and meditate for some moments until you feel calm and peaceful
  • Hold the talisman in your dominant hand
  • Visualise the air around you filled with radiant light, and start breathing slowly and deeply
  • As you breathe in, visualise the light entering your body, and as you breathe out, visualise it coming out of your hand, into the talisman. Continue until you feel your hand tingling with energy.
  • Speak your intent, and as you do so, visualise the intent entering the talisman and imbuing it with power

And that’s it! Note that charging isn’t an absolute requirement, especially for talismans that are already created with spiritual intent, but it can be a great way of supercharging an already magical item.

If you’re intrigued, head over to Ka Gold – they ship to nearly all countries worldwide, and you can pay securely with Paypal or credit card. They even have a 100% happy guarantee if you decide you want to return your piece (although I doubt you will!)

Personally, I’m absolutely in love with my ring, and if you’re looking for a magical talisman, you can’t go wrong with one of David’s pieces.


Karin is an artist, mystic and writer . She also runs her own business making orgonite – healing jewellery and décor, which you can find at orgoniseyourself.com

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