The Spiritual and Magickal Uses of Rose Water

Rose, the beautiful enchantress, adds a dash of feminine mystique to any magick. This healer plant is a symbol of beauty and love, but don’t be fooled – her thorny armour shows her fierce and protective nature.

rose plant ally healer
Rose – the plant healer who balances strength and vulnerability

Rose knows that strength and vulnerability are a powerful combination. With her delicate petals and sharp thorns, she teaches us to find balance and embrace our soft, nurturing, and vulnerable side while standing firm by our authentic boundaries, just like she does.

Plants aren’t just physical entities; they’re spiritual beings like us. While science tells us about a plant’s properties, nutrients, and what it does to our bodies, there is much more to the equation. The true spirit of the plant lies in its unique personality and energetic vibration.

If we choose to, we can engage in soulful communication with nature and form deep and transformative bonds with our loving plant allies. If this appeals to you at all, then Rose is a beautiful healer plant to start with.

There are many methods of working with this healer plant, and one way is to make rose water. Rose water is a fairly common ingredient in magick, so it’s a potent tool to have in your magickal repertoire. Sprinkle it, spray it, or sip it – rose water is as versatile as your imagination will allow.

making rose water
Rose water – a potent magickal tool

How do you make rose water?

There are two techniques to make rose water – simmering or distilling. Simmering is much quicker and easier, so that’s the one we’re going to teach you today – although the water won’t last as long as distilled rose water does (but hey, that’s an excuse to make use of it as much as you can before it expires!)

Rose Water Ingredients

The main ingredient in rose water (besides the water) is, of course, rose petals. Opt for organic sources when you can to make sure your rose water is pesticide-free. If you’re lucky enough to have rose bushes growing in your garden, pick the petals in the early morning when they are at their most fragrant.

gathering roses for rose water
Use fresh rose petals to make rose water

You can also add other ingredients to your rose water. If you want to make a potion to drink, you can add some slices of lemon, orange, vanilla pods, and even a little bit of sugar. If you want to use it as perfume, feel free to add essential oils according to their purpose.

The process of making rose water

Now let’s get cooking. Grab a pot, fill it with water and let it simmer away. Add all your ingredients (except essential oils – if you’re adding any, leave them until the very last moment). Put the lid on and leave the water to simmer for around twenty minutes. If you added sugar, stir the water frequently to make sure the sugar dissolves properly.

Making rose water

What are the magickal uses for rose water?

As we said before, the uses of rose water are only limited by your imagination. That said, here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Love potion: Whip up a love potion by infusing your rose water with your romantic intentions. Roses are the symbol of passionate love, and so you can incite this feeling in another person by having them ingest the rose water. Drinking rose water together can be a beautiful way to strengthen and deepen a committed relationship. 

2. Magickal perfume: Charge some rose water with your intent, dab it onto your pulse points, and own that alluring aura! This works especially well with glamour magick of any kind. Let the essence of Rose make you irresistible to anyone who crosses your path.

rose water perfume

3. Sigil power: Rose water can be used to trace invisible yet powerful sigils on yourself and around your space. Creating a unique sigil for your intention is a simple process (you can read our guide to sigil magick here). Alternatively, you can use established symbolic alphabets such as runes

4. Beauty charm:  Spritz your face with plain rose water every morning and night to keep that youthful glow on point. Rose is a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes your skin, and it can help balance oily and acne-prone skin. Charge your rose water with magickal intent to activate its energetic beauty-enhancing properties on top of its multitude of physical properties.

rose water for beauty
Rose is a plant spirit that enhances both inner and outer beauty

5. Spiritual connection: Use rose water during meditation or divination to heighten your intuition and foster a deeper bond with the spiritual realm. Rose is especially good for getting in touch with the Divine Feminine within you – regardless of your physical gender or sex.

6. Cleansing Ritual: Due to its protective properties, rose water is an excellent choice for purifying your sacred space. Sprinkle the water around while praying or chanting a simple invocation, for example:

Power of Rose, bring forth light,

Cleanse this space, pure and bright.

7. Offering to Deities:  Present rose water as a heartfelt offering to your deities, especially for any deities representing the Sacred Feminine (for example, Aphrodite, Isis, Kuan Yin, Freyja, Oshun, Lakshmi, Yemaya).

rose offerings for goddesses
Goddess Freyja

Final thoughts

Rose water is easy to make, doesn’t cost much, and it’s absolutely worth it to keep some around. Roses are packed with potent energy, so let your imagination run wild and explore the many ways you can wield the power of this beautiful plant spirit in your magickal journey and practice. 

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