Wiccan Fertility Spell

This spell should be cast during the most fertile part of your cycle. The spell was originally written for women who want to be mothers – however, if you are a man, simply adjust the parts of the spell as needed to imagine yourself becoming a father.

To cast this spell you will need:

• An apple (fertility symbol)
• A banana (fertility symbol)
• 1 Agate crystal (fertility, protection of children, happiness, health, physical energy and courage)
• Boline (or regular knife)

pregnant Wiccan woman holding a golden egg - wiccan fertility spell
Cast this spell during the most fertile part of your cycle

Let’s begin…

Ritually wash your apple and banana to prepare them for offering.  Cut them up and mix them into a bowl.

Take your bowl of fruit and your agate crystal and go outside (in your garden if you have one, otherwise a park or forest), and find a birch tree if you can, but otherwise any healthy tree – choose one you feel drawn to.

If possible, cast a circle of protection by that tree – or just sit down and conjure up a protective shield around you.  Address the Goddess and God.  Tell them that you are ready to conceive.  You can speak out loud or in your mind.  Tell them about your future family, how you would like to become a mother, the love you would have for your child and your family.  Open up and speak honestly.

Then hold out your bowl of fruit and say:

“Gods and Goddesses of fertility and fruition
Please accept this offering
In return for my blessed child to come to me
All be well – so mote it be”

Pour out the fruit by the root of the tree.

Now hold your agate in your hand, and step into complete trust, love, and joy.  Imagine what it would feel like to have your child growing inside of you.  Know that as long as you hold a positive focus and expect the best, the best will come to you.  

Now visualise your child already being born.  What does he/she look like?  How does it feel to have and nurture a baby?  What about later in life?  Imagine taking your child to school for the first time.  What other things would you do together?  How would you feel, how would you dress?  

Go deep into this visualisation, while holding your agate in your hand and charging it with the joyful energy of your visualisation.

woman meditating under tree for wiccan fertility spell
Visualise exactly how you would feel having your child

Meditate like this, in total joy and love, for as long as you like.

When you’re ready, thank the Goddess, God, and other spirits for their presence and assistance.

Keep the agate near you all the time.  Take it out whenever you want, to hold it in your hand and remind yourself of the high, joyful state of mind you were in during the meditation.  Go back to those feelings of having your child, again and again.

Your child may not be with you in physical form yet, but he/she is waiting to come to you when you are ready, and until then you can (if you want) speak to your child as though he/she is already here.  Tell him/her that you are waiting and preparing for his/her arrival.

Finally, take a look at this list of herbs that will increase your chances of conception, and these Top 3 fertility herbs.  Drinking nettle tea regularly will help, and coffee should be avoided.

Afterwards, try to relax, because by letting go of attachment to the outcome, and by letting go of urgency and need, you are relaxing your energies and thus significantly increasing your chances of success.  Let it take the time it takes – the sooner you relax and stop trying too hard, the sooner you may see results (as has often been found with couples who are trying to conceive).  Enjoy making love and enjoy your time with your partner, and trust that the Universe is on your side.

Another alternative to this spell is to burn a ritually charged Fertility Spell candle, which comes with a fertility talisman to wear until you have conceived. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and wish you the blessings of motherhood. For more magickal spells and information, be sure to check out our vast library of articles.

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