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Astrology and Oracle Guidance to Increase Harmony in Your Relationship

Do you want to cultivate a deeper, more harmonious relationship by understanding the unique challenges and potential that your relationship holds?

The Cosmic Couple Compass is a customised in-depth astrological and oracle reading that will help give you clarity about your relationship, guiding you towards overcoming any difficulties you may encounter on the way.

You will get a personalised written report delivered to you by email within 5 working days. See below for more details!


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Strengthen Your Connection with Celestial Guidance

Do you want to cultivate a deeper, more harmonious relationship – but feel like you’re missing a guiding star?

Are you curious about the unique dynamics, challenges, and potential that your relationship holds?

Your Personalised Celestial Guide: The Cosmic Couple Compass

My name is Karin, and I’m here to help you navigate the complexities of relationships with the help of intuitive astrology.

I have spent two decades mastering the arts of magick and manifestation, and five years practising astrology. Through my journey, I’ve gained a deep understanding of esoteric knowledge.

My mission is to guide individuals on their path of self-discovery and transformation – and since relationships serve as mirrors, understanding the dynamics of connection and love is a game-changer!

What’s Inside the Reading

  • An in-depth exploration of your astrological compatibility (synastry chart), shedding light on the dynamics at play between the two of you, and how your individual energies complement or challenge each other within the relationship.
  • Deep insights into the astrological blueprint of the relationship itself (composite chart), uncovering what makes your partnership special and how you can enhance your connection.
  • I also integrate intuitive oracle card readings into the Cosmic Couple Compass. These cards will give you even greater clarity about your unique relationship journey, guiding you towards overcoming any challenges you may encounter on the way.

My Approach

I understand the complexities of being a spiritual essence in a human body, and even more so the challenges of nurturing a relationship when we each bring our unique quirks to the table.

My own journey has been marked by conquering obstacles and healing from trauma to unearth my true self. Now, I’m here to empower you to do the same. My approach is grounded in compassion and intuition, and I’m here to be your guiding star through the realm of relationships.

I never employ a one-size-fits-all approach. Each Cosmic Couple Compass is tailored to your unique relationship, providing a personalised roadmap for your shared voyage. You will get a thoughtfully written report  tailored specifically to your journey and individual needs. 

Ready to uncover the celestial secrets of your connection and find true harmony in your relationship? Order your personalised Cosmic Couple Compass now and let’s get started!

Love and blessings,




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