Wicca & Paganism

sterling silver pendant with wiccan pentagram

7 Powerful Wiccan Necklaces

There are many Wiccan amulets and talismans that you can wear to bring a bit of magick into your everyday ...
wicca witchcraft magick

An Introduction to Wicca, Witchcraft and Magic

What is Wicca? Wicca is a modern religion that is based on pagan practices and principles which have been passed ...
how to celebrate samhain

How to Celebrate Samhain

What is Samhain? Samhain is a major sabbat of the wheel of the year. It was originally a Gaelic festival ...
wicca, pagans and witchcraft

Wicca vs Paganism vs Witchcraft

What do the words Pagan and Wiccan mean? And what is the difference between them? These are questions we have ...
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