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money and abundance spells

Learning how to accept money, increase abundance and find financial security is important for many practicing Wiccans. A lot of people have hangups about money, and some may be facing debt or other financial difficulties. Money spells can be used to help address these by inviting better financial luck and also to help release negativity regarding money.

For some people, the idea that ‘money is the root of all evil’ is a powerful driver behind their money issues. Using money spells to increase abundance can help you to understand that money is essentially a tool and is neither inherently good OR evil. What matters is what you choose to do with the abundance that you invite into your life.

Money spells are best performed on a waxing moon, and it can be very helpful to perform them after you have done a banishing or cleansing ritual to help you let go of negative beliefs or hangups about money.

In this section you will find money spells to help you invite more financial prosperity into your life. You can perform spells for increasing career success, or for better luck with money and become debt free. Remember to back these up with action on the material plane!

All Money Spells:

easy wealth spell

An Easy Wealth Spell

Use this easy spell to increase your wealth and to make your income grow. This spell should be performed on ...
witch in front of waxing moon

A Waxing Moon Money Spell

The Moon follows a 29 and a half-day Lunar Cycle, which is extremely important to follow if you want to ...

Full Moon Money Spell

Money magic may seem complex to some, but it's actually quite straightforward. Like many other areas of life, money is ...

Gold Coin Abundance Spell

People often turn to magic looking for abundance – however, be warned: this abundance spell, although very powerful, must be ...

Prosperity Spell – The Treasure Chest

This is a prosperity spell which involves making a sacred treasure chest. After making it, this chest should be put ...
lakshmi abundance mantra

How to Attract Abundance with Mantra Meditation

When it comes to creating abundance, there are a variety of methods at our disposal, such as prayer, magic spells ...
a spell to become debt free

A Spell to Become Debt-Free

This is a spell which will help you get clear of debt. It is best performed during a new or ...
green candle for money visualization spell

Money Visualization Magic

This is a money visualization spell which should be done regularly until you are happy with the amount of money ...
spell to overcome money worries

A Spell to Overcome Money Worries

This is a simple white magick spell which will help you overcome the difficulties of financial and money worries and ...
a gambling witch playing the lottery

A Spell for Luck with Gambling and Lottery Wins

This spell is used to draw money towards you when gambling or playing the lottery.  If you often find yourself ...
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