A Job Promotion Spell

If you’re well overdue for the well-deserved recognition for all the brilliant work you do, the Universe might just be able to help – you just need to know the right way to ask. The following job promotion spell is very helpful to facilitate moving forward in your career, getting a pay raise or even getting an unexpectedly good job offer from a competitor.

job promotion spell

Beware, however – like all performance rewarding spells, this one will only work if you have been putting sufficient effort in, as opposed to slacking off and hoping for the best. If it’s the latter, the spell can have some unpredictable bad effects, and you surely don’t want to experience anything like this.

To cast this powerful job promotion spell, the following items are required:

  • A beeswax candle
  • A generous handful of raw rolled oats
  • Bay leaves
  • A clay pot

To cast the promotion spell:

Find a peaceful, quiet place. Sit down on the floor comfortably (you can use a cushion for support, just don’t sit on a chair). Close your eyes and focus on your recent work achievements. Feel the warmth and a deep sense of satisfaction and pride filling your stomach.

Open your eyes. Throw the rolled oats into the clay pot. Light the candle and place it near the pot, and surround everything with bay leaves (dry leaves are fine, but they must be whole and intact).

Say the following three times:

Money, prosperity, wealth, recognition
May my career reach the state of ignition

Close your eyes again and visualise yourself accepting the new position. Focus on the feelings this brings you and nurture them.

Do not blow the candle – you can move it but be careful not to put out the flame. Let it burn down naturally, after which you can empty the clay pot and remove the bay leaves.

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