A Spell to Remove Bad Luck

If you’re suddenly finding yourself stuck in an annoying series of misfortunes (such as chipping a tooth, falling in the shower and burning a family dinner for 6 whilst fighting a common cold, all in one day), you may need a serious luck boost. A string of bad luck can be a result of accidentally exposing yourself to a whirlwind of bad energy, or someone might deliberately curse you – the result is much the same. Usually, you can just feel something is off, as opposed to normal circumstances when a few things go wrong here and there.

The following spell can break the vicious cycle of bad luck and restore your energy levels. In addition, it’s designed in a way that if you’ve been cursed, the released bad energy won’t hit anyone else, including the person who cursed you. Although this may seem counterintuitive, this is a good thing, as your karma won’t suffer any negative effects from “getting revenge”. Forgiveness always wins.

To perform this anti-bad luck spell, you will need:

  • A blank piece of parchment
  • A black pen
  • A fireproof bowl or cauldron
  • A long thin candle, preferably green for good luck, and not black

To cast the spell for removing bad luck:

Start with thoroughly cleaning your house, and perhaps your office desk/workplace if you suspect there has been bad energy accumulating, too.

On the blank piece of parchment, write down a summary of all recent incidents that you attribute to the bad luck streak.

Light the candle, then start burning the parchment with the candle’s flame, and quickly drop it into the fireproof bowl.

While the paper is burning, say the following as many times as you can:

Misfortunes of the recent past
Are burning now, they will not last

Extinguish the candle.

Good luck!

For an alternative to this spell – and especially if you think your bad luck is connected to negative energy from other people, check out this 7-day Jinx Removing candle from World of Witchery. Light the candle while praying and setting your intention, then let it burn continuously (in a safe place!) until it extinguishes by itself.

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