A Red Candle Love Spell

If there is one amorous spell that has been around for centuries, it’s this powerful red candle love spell. There are several variations of this ancient ritual floating around, but here you will find the most effective one that is guaranteed to bring amazing results if done with the right intent.

red candle love spell

A long time ago, those attempting to cast candle-centered love spells have noticed that red candles seem to work the best, and results achieved with candles of other colors are inconsistent at best. There are several theories explaining this curious phenomenon, the most convincing one pointing out that red candles symbolize “red magic” – the magic of love and spirituality, which essentially stands in between black and white magic. As a result, casting a “red magic” spell incorporates the best from both worlds and turns out extremely powerful.

The ritual does not leave behind any negative energy.

All you need to perform this spell is, naturally, a red candle (you can find a variety of coloured candles here). Sometimes, casting a spell above several candles can increase the spell power, but such a ritual can also be quite draining, so only perform it if a single-candle version does not work.

To cast the love spell:

At dusk, find a quiet place at home and light the red candle. For several minutes, watch the flame and feel the love growing inside you, eventually overflowing and filling the entire space around you.

Once you’ve achieved this state, say the following twelve times:

I ask the Forces of the Universe
I ask the spirits
I ask the Angels overwatching me
To help this love grow stronger

As this is a translation from ancient dialects, the spell doesn’t rhyme and is therefore a bit hard to memorise. Make sure you say all the words correctly, otherwise finish the ritual immediately, blow the candle and try another time.

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