Exorcism Spell – Imprisonment

Excorcism by Imprisonment SpellThis method of imprisonment not only expels the malevolent spirit from the body of its victim, but transfers it to an inanimate object where it will be trapped.

First of all, you need to have as much information as possible about the spirit itself. What is its name? What is its purpose? Does it have any special powers? Is it related to one of the four elements more than the others?

Use all the information to write an incantation which will take advantage of the demon’s weaknesses in order to expel it.  In addition to this incantation, you will also need a sheet of paper on which to write the demon’s name (if the name is unknown, you can use a design or symbol to represent the demon). You will burn this paper during the ritual, using a dedicated candle for the purpose.

You will also need an object to contain the demon – such as a small stone.

The ritual is as follows:

  • Recite the incantation, setting fire to paper with the name or symbol.
  • Drop the object that you have chosen as a ‘prison’ onto the embers of this paper to absorb the spirit.
  • Pour the candle-wax on the prison-object to seal it.

Once the spirit is trapped, you can destroy the imprisoning object in a symbolic way, for example throw it into a fire consecrated by the Gods, and sprinkle salt onto the flames to bless them.

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