Fertility Spells

Fertility spells can be used for all magical working where you wish to increase the energies of creation and abundance in your life. In the most literal of senses, a fertility spell can be used to help you conceive if you want to become pregnant. However, childbearing and childbirth are not the only forms of fertility you commonly access in your life. All creative endeavours have a process of conception, incubation, and birthing – whether it is conceiving a child or conceiving a creative project or attribute in your life. Use fertility spells when you want to increase the sowing of different aspects in your life – whether it’s bringing forth the energy you need to start a new creative project or to develop skills and new abilities. Performing a fertility spell during the New Moon can add potency to the spell, and working on the Full Moon can help give your project extra energy to help you towards the time of ‘birthing’ it. Fertility spells can be used as part of a couple or solo – where sexual energy is accessed to add strength and vibrancy to your working. Always remember to talk to your partner about these spells and get their consent if you intend to perform fertility rituals with a partner. In this category, you will find fertility spells for different types of energy – such as solo, around Beltane or male energy. Please remember that not all fertility spells need to be sexual in nature, or for procreation. You can adjust each spell to fit your individual needs – whether you are partnered or practising as a solitary Wiccan.

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