Magical Days of the Week

magical days of the week

There are hundreds of magic spells available out there, but it helps to perform certain spells and rituals on certain days. In a sense it’s a bit like packing an umbrella if you know it’s going to be a rainy day – for magic to be as efficient as it can be, it’s best to combine certain spells with certain days. While not every denomination of Wicca or Paganism follows this rule, it’s worth noting it anyway – try these spells and rituals for yourself, to see if your magic spells are any more efficient.


You may think of Sunday as being the last day of the week but in many cultures it is regarded as the first day of the week. As the name suggests, Sunday is the day of the sun. It bursts with raw potency for success and abundance spells! This may be the day to think about steps you could take towards your promotion, or ask to be recognized for your efforts at work.

Best spells to use on this day: Sunrise is a time that’s filled with bursts of powerful creative energy. Set your alarm just a tad earlier today and go outside to call on the Goddess, or your Higher Power for illumination and inspiration in your journey through life. Wear a copper bracelet to reconnect with your power. Try a solar plexus chakra meditation to rekindle the fire that dwells within you. And make sure to eat lots of oranges to get a sun-induced burst of Vitamin C.

Sunday gemstones: Gold, copper.

Sunday herbs: Sunflowers, marigold.


While many of us will associate Mondays with the dreaded start of the working week, in Wiccan practices Mondays are often associated with lunar exploits. Monday is the day of the Moon goddess, induced with feminine energies. It’s a good day for fertility spells, for reconnecting with the divine feminine energy within you, getting in touch with your deepest emotions, analysing your dreams and diving into all the mysteries that life and your subconscious can offer. It’s the perfect day to reconnect with your intuition.

Best spells to use on this day: Cleanse your room by burning a sage stick. Light a white candle in your house and call on the Moon Goddess to help you reconnect with your intuition and open the channel to your Higher Self. To regain some balance after a busy day at work, go outside in the evening and just watch the moon and the stars for a while. Notice how insignificant everything else feels, when you spend time contemplating the mysteries of the Universe and the celestial bodies.

Monday gemstones: The moonstone, opal, pearl.

Monday herbs: Chamomile, peppermint, sage.


Tuesday is associated with Mars, the god of war, and is the perfect day for rekindling the flame of courage and passion within you. Today, you are a warrior of light, exhibiting drive, determination, and the divine masculine energies that dwell inside you. Start the day with affirmations that today you’ll assert yourself in every area of life. Take courage and make a real stand in an area where you’ve perhaps felt powerless. Tuesday is a great day for confidence spells of all kinds.

Best spells to use on this day: Try cooking up a spicy meal with red or orange ingredients, like carrots or peppers. Before going to sleep, induce yourself in an aromatherapy ritual using scented candles, like cinnamon or spicy flavours. Use a herbal ritual with thistles to boost your emotional shields and defenses. Whatever you do, take some time out for yourself to relax. Remember – this is a day for you!

Tuesday gemstones: Anything red goes – rubies, bloodstones – you name it!

Tuesday herbs: Cacti, thistles, holly


Mid-week is the best day for change. With Mercury by your side, use this day to settle old accounts, make that change you’ve been dreaming about for ages, resolve conflict, open up communication and embark on a journey of transformation. Take a trip to a place that you’ve wanted to visit for ages – whether that’s in the world outside (check out our travel spells) or within you.

Best spells to use on this day: Use fern in a herbal spell to protect yourself, and call on Athena to help you get started on new projects. Tuck an agate gemstone in your pocket to boost your charm in communication with people. When you settle down for the night, place a lavender under your pillow and ask your Higher Power for a transformation in your life, as well as a blessing of good luck.

Wednesday gemstones: Agate

Wednesday herbs: Lavender, lilies


This day brings forth different aspects – loyalty to your family and friends, honour, as well as prosperity and luck. This is a day for harvest, strength and abundance – a day to not only reap your rewards but also to express heartfelt gratitude for everything that you already have.

Best spells to use on this day: Use a creative visualisation exercise to envision what abundance would look like for you. Try to incorporate all five senses – smell, sight, sound, touch and taste – as you picture this dream scenario. If you can believe it is happening to you already, it is sure to happen in the future, so get excited as you do this exercise!

Thursday gemstones: Amethyst, lapis lazuli

Thursday herbs: Oak trees, honeysuckle


Many of you may associate Friday with winding down after a long week, catching up with friends or going out for a nice meal with the family. When it comes to magic, Friday is associated with Venus and Aphrodite – love, beauty and fertility. The word ‘Friday’ springs from the Norse goddess Freya, the Scandinavian goddess of fertility and abundance.

Best spells to use on this day: Friday is a good day for wearing pink and aqua shades to boost your morale with some colour therapy. It’s also a good day to do spellwork that extends your love and blessings to your family, friends, co-workers and the world. Before you set off for work, apply an enchantment spell to a single pink rose and take it with you to work. Have it on your desk as a reminder of friendship and the beauty that comes from within.

Friday gemstones: Emerald, rose quartz, coral.

Friday herbs: Apple blossoms, strawberries


Saturday is ruled by Saturn, and customarily it is a day to ‘clean up that mess you’ve been ignoring.’ It is also a good time to cast banishing spells to remove negativity and toxic relationships from your life. While time is a great healer, there are some things that may require your attention in order to be resolved. Whether that’s a messy house, a messy relationship or a messy life, Saturday is the day to take steps towards restoring order and balance once again, and it’s the perfect time for cleansing spells.

Best spells to use on this day: Ask for protection and inner strength that you’ll need to resolve those conflicts by wearing something dark and mysterious, like a black or purple garment. Black is a great colour that absorbs negative vibes around you, so you may choose to close the day by burning a black candle. Alternatively, you can burn a purple one to enhance your inner wisdom.

Saturday gemstones: Obsidian, hematite, black quartz

Saturday herbs: Morning glory, cypress tree, black or purple pansy

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