Magick Spells for Kids

If you want to introduce your kids to Wicca and the wonders of magick, the following four simple spells for children are a great way to start:

Kid’s Wiccan Pet Blessing

Protect your furry friends, and let your children help! This is a great spell for the entire family to get into – and one where you can start talking to your children about working with a familiar!

magick for kids - pet blessingYou Will Need:

  • A photo, collar, favorite toy, etc… something to represent your pet.
  • A white candle – for protection.
  • Rosemary (dried, preferably!)
  • A small dish

If your pet has fur and sheds, feel free to grab some fur, feathers, etc.. anything that you see laying around. You can use this as your pet representation, or a picture will do just fine as well (Have your child draw a picture – adds a little more oomph to the power of the spell!)

Light your white candle and fill the dish with the rosemary. Take the item that represents the pet, and wave it through the smoke from the candle (don’t light it on fire – keep it away from the flame!). Speak the following out loud:

Bless our pet, he (she) is part of our home.
Bless our pet, he (she) is not alone.
Bless our pet, keep him (her) well,
Bless our pet with this spell!

Leave the representation with the rosemary on your altar and let the candle burn down all the way. Then tuck the object in a safe place!

Spell to Summon a Fairy

This is a fun spell – especially for children who love to play pretend, and have active imaginations. The best part is – the child is needed to complete this spell!

fairy magick for kidsYou will need:

  • Flower
  • Leaf
  • Child to call the fairy

Have the child put the flower on top of the leaf and repeat the words:

Winged people, tiny like me, I need a friend to play with me.

Grown ups don’t know how to be, so fae, come and play with me!

Backyard Bird Blessing

Great spell for summer days, and to increase your children’s relationship with the birds around you! This spell brings well being, joy, and is just a fun thing for children to work on – all while feeding our winged friends!

magick spells for kids - backyard blessingYou will need:

  • Birdseed
  • Birdfeeder (optional)

Sprinkle the birdseed around the yard, or have your child fill the bird feeder. Repeat:

Birds be happy and birds be free, bring smiles to our family!

You can repeat this spell until your yard is filled with birds! Great nature lesson, in addition to having some fun!

Releasing Emotions

Kids have a lot of emotions that they may not really know how to deal with. This is why temper tantrums come into play! However, use this spell (which incorporates bubbles!) to help them work on releasing their emotions.

magick for kids - release emotionsYou need:

  • Bubbles

Have your child blow as many bubbles as they want, and let them know that these bubbles are representing all of their negative feelings. This could be sadness, anger, fear… tell them to visualize all of these things going away as the bubbles float on through the air.

Once they’re done, repeat the following:

Sadness, tears, worry fears, thank you for you.

You’ve been helpful and you’ve been true.

Into these bubbles it’s you I blow,

So I can smile and let you go!

Remember to talk to them about bottling up emotions and how it’s important to talk through them and let them fly away!

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