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Oh how wonderful it is to travel, how it soothes our soul and stirs our senses, the food, smells, culture and scenery uplifts our spirits, broadens our perspective and enhances our Wiccan Practice.

However, not that I want to be a ‘naysayer’ but travel does not come without its risks, there’s the act of travel in itself (the flying, eek!) the car travel, and there’s the culture of the place you’ve travelled to – which could render you a little naive to say the least.

There are many people, who even though they love the experience of travel, that might feel a little vulnerable during their travel experiences. And that’s why we’ve written this little treasure chest of travel spells, charms and blessings to assist you in all areas of travel – even to attract it to into your life (for those of you who are a little ‘dry’ in the travel plans).

We hope you enjoy …

Let’s start our journey with a spell to attract travel into our life, which can be boosted by the Success spell that follows!

A Simple Spell For Attracting Travel Into Your Life

attracting travel spell

Ingredients for Travel Attracting Spell:

1 x Small Fan (non battery operated)

1 x Small light feather.

1 x Dried mint (which can be boosted with some peppermint essential oil)

1 x Small dish

Performing the Travel Attracting Spell

  • Place the mint into the dish (add the essential oil if desired).

  • Lean over the bowl of mint and inhale the scent.

  • Whilst inhaling visualise the magic of travelling, the scents, scenery, experiences that you desire.

  • Toss the feather into the air (you can infuse it with the mint if desired).

  • Use the fan to keep the feather airborne.

  • Imagine the feather is you moving to different places in the world.

  • Allow the feather to rest in the mint.

  • Take a few more breaths of minty aroma.

  • Each day, for as long as you feel you need to, inhale the scent of the mint, and visualise your travels.

The Simplest Spell For Success

Note: This can be used alone, or to boost other spells particularly the travel attraction spell.

simple success spell

Ingredients for Success Spell:

1 x Orange Candle (for attraction)

1 x Green Candle (for luck)

Orange Oil or Van Van oil

Performing the Success Spell:

  • Anoint the candles with the oil.

  • Place Green Candle to the left of you

  • Place the orange candle to the right.

  • Light both candles and when you are doing so visualise or sense your desires.

  • Whilst they are burning, meditate and visualise luck coming to you.

You can change the candles to attract different kinds of luck, and you could enforce this spell by writing down your wishes and burning them. Not specifying your desires and just imagining being ‘successful’ will not block anything that you don’t know about yet!

Now that we’ve attracted the travel, we’ll need to make sure that we are going to travel safely, why not make yourself a safe travel charm, here’s how to make one;

Safe Travel Charm

sage - safe travel charm

Ingredients for Safe Travel Charm

1 x Orange pouch.
2 x Orange spell candles *preferably small like these chime candles you can burn them all the way down*
Amethyst or Crystal Quartz Stones
Dried mint
Piece of paper and a pen (with black ink preferably)

Creating Your Safe Travel Charm

  1. Light your orange candles, and place them in front of you.

  2. As the candles burn, visualise your intentions for safe travel.

  3. When the candles have burned down move onto step 4.

  4. Draw a symbol or representation of protection that means something to you on a piece of paper. If you don’t know what to use, try the pentagon.

  5. Fold the paper three times and place into the pouch.

  6. Add to the pouch the stones and herbs.

  7. Seal the bag.

  8. Visualise a white light flowing through you and filling your aura, as you imagine yourself arriving at your destination safely.

  9. Take your pouch with you, using the white light visualisation to enhance it whenever you can.

A Chant for Travelling Safely

safe travel chant

A chant can be used to boost your spells – giving them much more potency. Here’s a travel chant that you could use with any of the above spells.

To make the most of it, light some candles (orange is good for travel) and raise your hands whilst chanting the following 3 times.

Bless our journey and keep us from harm

With light of protection and spells and charms

Our path be clear and free from strife

Many more happy adventures left upon my life”

Create Your Own Safe Travel Spell

create your own travel spell

Why not create your own travel spell, fast track yourself by copying some of the techniques above, use the chant above, or create your own, add your own ingredients, to create a spell that suits you. Why not give it a whirl it’s fun, and very empowering!

Here’s an example of some of the best herbs, candle colours, and crystals that can help get you started.

Remember – it’s the intention that always delivers the best spells, so make sure your intention is clear, honest, kind and not aimed at another person directly and you won’t go wrong.

The following herbs are great for travel spells, along with their essential oils.

Bay Leaves = Protection

Borage = Courage

Chrysanthemum = Protection & Cheerfulness

Irish Moss = Money, Luck & Protection

Candles that would benefit good travel

Orange = Attraction, Stimulation, Experiences

Green = Money and Luck

White = Cleansing and pure

Gold = Protection, success

Stones to include:

Amethyst = A wonderful protector

Obsidian = Protective, removes negativity.

Ruby = A sense of adventure, and is healing to the earth!

So here’s to you and your magical travels. I hope you travel safely, far and wide, and that you open your heart and senses – so that you can enjoy the most amazing world that we live in, in all of its diverse glory.

Safe Travels to you, my friend.

Michelle Marshall is a multi-passionate writer, entrepreneur, life-coach and tarot reader. Her work focuses upon personal empowerment, and how to fulfil our soul’s needs, whilst living in a challenging and un-natural climate.  Readings, information and empowerment can be found at

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