4 Beautiful Pagan Wedding Dress Themes

A pagan wedding is a way to bring friends and family together to celebrate love and unity in a truly magical setting. You may have read our article about handfasting ceremonies which teaches you a bit about the practical details of planning a pagan wedding.  Now, it’s time to explore the different wedding dress themes that you can use for inspiration for your pagan wedding:

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1. The Bohemian Pagan Wedding

The bohemian pagan wedding look is nature-loving and free-spirited.  Think rustic, barefoot, long, flowy dresses and flower crowns.

Pagan wedding dress style - Bohemian - Gardens of whimsy

The bohemian style comes from the early twentieth century, and is associated with artists, wanderers, and other people who lead an unconventional lifestyle. The essence of the bohemian lifestyle is freedom, and bohemian fashion mirrors this.  The bohemian pagan bride should look to long flowing gowns with an earthy touch to celebrate her connection with Mother Nature.

Bohemian wedding gowns are usually loose-fitting, and can be strapless,  short-sleeved or long-sleeved. Don’t be afraid to show some skin – freedom of expression is what this look is all about! Bohemian wedding dresses are usually found in warm, natural whites such as ivory or cream, but you can also incorporate earthy colours into your gown – think rich greens and warm browns.  Lace makes a dreamy addition to bohemian wedding gowns if you’re going for a softer feminine look.  To make your look more earthy, you can add natural elements such as wooden bangles, flower crowns, feather hair accessories and raw gemstone tiaras.

Bohemian pagan bridal makeup: Go for a natural and earthy look with shimmery gold tones. If you want to add a bit of colour, accentuate your lips with a dark, warm-coloured lipstick.

Bohemian pagan wedding setting: In the barn or garden of a picturesque farm

Bohemian pagan wedding decor: Flowers, dream catchers, lace, and anything recycled, such as mason jars as vases, or cardboard heart cut-outs hung up with twine.

3 Bohemian Pagan Wedding Dress Looks:

The Enchanted Princess:

Enchanted Princess Pagan Wedding Dress

The Flower Child:

Flower Child Pagan Wedding Dress


The Spirited Artist:

Spirited Artist Pagan Wedding Dress

Top Bohemian Bride Accessory:

Barefoot sandals are a must-have for the bohemian pagan bride who loves to nurture her connection with Mother Earth and wants to spend her special day soaking up the energies of Nature.

Barefoot sandals - Bohemian pagan

2. The Medieval Pagan Wedding

There are few things more romantic and magical than a Medieval-themed wedding – it was, after all, the era of chivalry and magic.  The Medieval pagan wedding look takes from Medieval, fantasy and Celtic styles, and is perfect for the bride who wants to transport into a magical world and era on her special day.

Pagan wedding dress - medieval bride - Gardens of Whimsy

Wedding dresses with a medieval theme are usually made from more basic, traditional fabrics, but are often elaborately embroidered, with a distinctive style that transports you into a long bygone era.  The dresses are usually slim at the waist, and flare out to fullness at the hem.  Often, there is a girdle or a corset which is laced in the front, and the sleeves are usually flared.  Medieval cosplay has become much more popular in the past few years, and dress-makers who cater to cosplayers are one source of beautiful medieval pagan bridal dresses.

As far as the style of the gown, it can be simple or elaborate.  Complement the medieval look with gold, silver or pearl jewellery, but look for pieces that are more rustic than modern. A veil is a perfect addition to the dress – or even a white faux-fur bridal cape for that mystical winter Snow Queen look.

Medieval pagan bridal makeup: People didn’t wear as much makeup during medieval times, so go for natural and simple – the “blushing bride” look, with pink-blushed cheeks and soft pink lipstick (or, for a more mature “medieval vixen” look, swap this out for a dark berry-colour lipstick and lightly kohl-lined eyes)

Medieval pagan wedding setting: In a medieval castle

Medieval pagan wedding decor: Rich fabrics, candles in ornate candleholders and ivy garlands

3 Medieval Pagan Wedding Dress Looks:

The Elegant Enchantress:

Elegant Enchantress Pagan Wedding Dress

The Royal Sorceress:

Royal Sorceress Pagan Wedding Dress

The Druidic Priestess:

Druidic Priestess Pagan Wedding Dress

Top Medieval Pagan Bride Accessory:

A head wreath, tiara or circlet to complement the medieval princess look. A simple gold or silver piece with a rustic look will match your medieval wedding dress perfectly.

Circlet Pagan wedding dress


3. The Elven Pagan Wedding

The Elven pagan wedding theme borrows from both the bohemian and the medieval themes.  For inspiration, look to Lord of the Rings – and think ethereal, enchanted and elegant.

Pagan wedding dress style - Elven - Gardens of whimsy

As with other pagan wedding themes, it’s up to you to decide how far you want to take it – do you want a wedding with a touch of Fae magick, or do you want a full Midsummer Night’s Dream? Either way, look for a dress with light and floaty fabrics.  For a more classic look, you can wear a Grecian wedding dress – they drape the body beautifully and would look right at home in an Elvish landscape. Alternatively, you can look for a dress which has long flared sleeves (similar to the sleeves of medieval style dresses, but with a more sheer fabric), and add a long bridal veil or an Elven-style cape for a faerie look.

To finish the pagan Elven look, accessorise with beautiful jewellery. You have a lot of freedom here – if you want to embrace the Galadriel look, wear simple, dainty silver jewellery with precious gemstones – or if you want to invoke your inner woodland fairy, wear rustic or handmade jewellery with raw gemstones, flowers and butterflies. Don’t forget that Elven weddings do well with colour – you don’t need to stick to a white dress (green is a great choice for a forest faerie-themed wedding).

Elven pagan bridal makeup: Add glitter and shimmer to your bridal makeup to look truly magical, and decorate your face with face jewels for an otherworldly look.

Elven pagan wedding setting: A clearing in the midst of a forest

Elven pagan wedding decor: Colourful flower wreaths, fairy lights, gemstone clusters, bejewelled wine goblets

3 Elven Pagan Wedding Dress Styles:

The Forest Dryad:

Forest Dryad Pagan Wedding Dress

The Pixie Princess:

Pixie Princess Pagan Wedding Dress

The Queen of Avalon:

Queen of Avalon Pagan Wedding Dress

Top Elven Pagan Bride Accessory:

Bejewelled fairy earcuffs that snugly fit onto the top of your ear will complete the Fae look beautifully. There are a wide range of these in different shapes and styles, including ear cuffs in the shape of butterfly wings!

Fairy earcuffs Pagan Wedding Dress

4. The Gothic Pagan Wedding

The gothic pagan wedding theme is a bold and daring choice, but it’s not all macabre – gothic traditions are deeply rooted in romance and ceremony. Gothic ceremonies can evoke a truly powerful ambience that makes a pagan wedding unforgettable.

Gothic pagan wedding - BellaFaye8

The common colours for a gothic style wedding dress are deep purple, scarlet and black. Don’t be afraid to dress in black on your wedding day if you’re drawn to it – it’s a colour of strength, mystery and elegance, and the perfect choice for a witch on her magickal day!  However, if that’s a bit too dark for you then you can also look for a white dress with black details. A dark red dress is also a wonderful choice, as red symbolises passion, desire and love.

Gothic wedding dresses are usually cut in a more traditional style – mostly commonly in an a-line or ball gown style.  Often, gothic wedding dresses have plunging necklines, tight corsets, ruffles, and sometimes a long train or a veil. Lace and black rhinestones can be incorporated for a true femme fatale look. A black velvet suit is the perfect complementary groom’s outfit to this ensemble, and black roses can be used for the bouquets.

Gothic pagan bridal makeup: Don’t be afraid to layer it on, as a dramatic look is perfect for a gothic wedding.  Define your eyes – with sharp lines, or a softer smoky look – and wear red, dark purple or black lipstick.

Gothic pagan wedding setting: In a gothic style manor with oak panelling, high arches and dramatic fireplaces

Gothic pagan wedding decor: Elegant black tablecloths with red rose petals strewn over, black chandeliers, black, red or purple candles, an elaborate gothic wedding cake

3 Gothic Pagan Wedding Dress Styles:

The Bewitching Sweetheart:

Bewitching Sweetheart Pagan Wedding Dress

The Duchess of Shadows:

Duchess of Shadows Pagan Wedding Dress

The Scarlet Vixen:

Scarlet Vixen Pagan Wedding Dress

Top Gothic Pagan Bride Accessory:

A wrist-cuff/slave bracelet made of black lace and embellishments. In fact, almost any black lace accessory will complement the gothic wedding look – including this matching black lace choker.

Wrist cuff Pagan Wedding Dress

We hope you enjoyed our little guide on the top four pagan wedding styles, and that it’s given you some inspiration for your pagan wedding ceremony!

  **The bridal crowns pictured on the Flickr images can be found at Gardens of Whimsy

Karin is an artist, mystic and writer . She also runs her own business making orgonite – healing jewellery and décor, which you can find at orgoniseyourself.com

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