5 Ways to Invite Faeries and Friendly Spirits Into Your Home

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Many witches welcome faeries and friendly spirits into their home. These spirits are beneficial to the witches, since house spirits protect the home and prevent evil from entering. They help locate lost items, keep the pets happy and alert the home’s owners to any danger. Garden spirits, or faeries watch over the garden. They do a number of things – from protecting and tending to the plants, to driving away harmful insects. Faeries and spirits are easily attracted to your home and garden, and if you respect them they will remain with you for years to come.

Here are some ways to attract faeries and spirits to your home:

1. Keep a Clean House

Purifying your living space will make your home more inviting to spirits so be sure to do cleansing rituals at least once each spring.

2. Keep a Shrine or Altar

A shrine should be erected to the faeries and spirits that protect your home. This can be a small altar or area in your home that is dedicated to them. The shrine is where you will leave your offerings and say your prayers to the spirits. It can be decorated with statues, pictures, plants or whatever you can find. You may want to keep one or two small dishes on  your shrine. One can contain shiny coins and the other is used for gifts and offerings of milk, alcohol, or honey cakes and sweets. In ancient Rome and Greece, vases were placed on the shrines for fresh flowers. You can also add a censer for some incense if you like. Many shrines incorporate a statue of a spirit or faerie.

3. Decorate with Witch Balls

Witch balls are glass balls that you hang in your windows to protect your home from evil influences. These balls can be colored or contain trinkets such as feathers, sand, glitter, or tinsel. Witch balls will also attract beneficial spirits such as faeries to your home.

4. Pay attention to your Cat

House spirits are especially fond of pets and children. Cats seem to attract them more than anything. You can tell you have a spirit in your home when you see your cat romping around the house and playing with invisible things. Cats can see faeries and spirits that we cannot.

5. Create a Magickal Garden

You can invite faeries into your garden by planting certain types of plants. Some examples of plants that faeries love are are rosemary, thyme, lavender, honeysuckle, daisies, cowslips, ferns, peonies, forget-me-nots and sunflowers.

Creating special places in your garden will also attract faeries and spirits. You can create simple things such as stone circles, little trails, faerie houses and also ponds, fountains and birdbaths. A sanctuary with a clear pool, small caves and paths are inviting to all types of nature spirits.

You can also erect a small shrine in your garden for the little people. Use a central theme such a s a statue of an angel, faerie, maiden, or child. Leave offerings of coins, milk, alcohol and sweets for the little people here and be sure to change them periodically. You do not need to leave flowers if the shrine is outside.

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