A Simple Imbolc House Cleansing Ritual

imbolc house cleansing ritual

As Winter is drawing to its mid point, and the first signs of Spring are appearing, it is time to celebrate Imbolc.

What is Imbolc?

Imbolc is a festival which marks the beginning of Spring. It is also known as Brigid’s Day. It is one of the eight festivals of the wheel of the year. Spells which are good for this time of year can focus on self purification and cleansing. Or you can focus on the fertility aspect with love spells.

This is a simple spell designed for the solo practitioner, which a focus on cleansing – another theme of Imbolc. Having a spring clean is an Imbolc tradition. Spring cleaning started as a nature ritual. Traditionally homes were whitewashed, swept and cleaned, fires lit and hearths cleansed. Before you start your ritual you will need to make a blessing oil.

Make your own Imbolc blessing oil

  • Base oil (such as grape seed or flaxseed oil)
  • 5 drops sandalwood (for spirituality)
  • 3 drops rosemary (for cleansing and purification)
  • 1 drop orange (for purification and joy)
  • 1 drop patchouli (for protection)

(Essential oils can be found in health food stores or at World of Witchery).

Mix them together in a container.

A Simple Imbolc House Cleansing Ritual

What you need:

  • Your blessing oil

Start by cleaning your entire house. Start cleaning in the week or so leading up to Imbolc, and do a final clean and perform the ritual on the day. Take this as an opportunity to go through your belongings and give away what you do not need or find beautiful. Give your house a thorough clean and air it. Clean the windows, strip the beds, tend to houseplants and put fresh flowers in vases. Clear your altar and sort out any decorations on it, refresh it with symbols of Imbolc, colours of white and silver, snowdrop flowers and green candles.

On the morning of Imbolc you can perform the ritual. Begin outside at your front door. Start with the front door, then work through each room of your house in a clockwise direction (Clockwise as it is the route the sun takes), as you go smear a little of your blessing oil onto every door frame and windowsill of the house to anoint them.

As you are anointing the house you can speak these words:

With this blessing oil
I cleanse this space
May the Goddess bless this home
Make it Sacred and Pure
Negative energy be gone
I release you away

For the evening after your ritual, invite your friends and family around for an Imbolc celebration. Encourage them to bring with them Imbolc food and drink to share such as biscuits, breads and foods cooked using milk, honey and eggs.

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