A Spell to Help You Sleep

sleeping spell

This powerful sleeping spell is perfect if you haven’t been getting quality sleep lately. It helps get satisfying, restful sleep filled with pleasant dreams – even if you only have a few hours left before it’s time to rise and shine. In addition, this spell promotes healing and rejuvenation, and is very effective to battle illness and restore your inner strength.

Print these directions and place them next to your bed, on your bedside table or under the mattress, and you will always have access to this healing spell for restful sleep.

You will need:

Lavender sprigs can be fresh or dried.

Smoky quartz is known as “the dream stone” in many different cultures due to its calming, grounding energy. In addition, its detoxifying properties help the body heal itself while resting.

If necessary, you can substitute the parchment for plain blank paper, but some report it can interfere with the spell, so we cannot fully recommend that.

Casting the spell to help you sleep:

Preparing your bedroom enhances the effects of the spell. Fresh, crisp bedsheets, dim lights and quietness will help you focus on the spell and fall asleep quicker.

Sit on your bed comfortably holding a piece of smoky quartz (do not sit on the pillow you’ll be resting your head on whilst sleeping). For a few minutes, focus on the grounding energy of the stone, letting go of all troubling thoughts. Once you feel calm and grounded enough, close your eyes and chant the following three times as you hold the stone in your right hand and flick your wrist in slow clockwise circles:

The moon is up, I hold its piece, the silver dust will guard my peace”

Once you’re finished, wrap the stone and the lavender sprigs in the piece of parchment and place it next to your bed.

As with all spells, practising is very important – so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work straight away. It can take up to three nights to fully master but give it your all – and you will get to enjoy the most restful sleep in your life.

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