Cernunnos Male Fertility Spell

Cernunnos Male Fertility Spell
Source: Leanna Teneycke

In this male fertility spell, you will be invoking Cernunnos, the Celtic deity of fertility otherwise known as the Horned God.

You will need:

  • A green candle
  • Offerings for Cernunnos – acorns, fruit (especially apples), grains, beer and wine are some favourite offerings for him, but anything given from the heart is acceptable. Make sure it is biodegradable!

Ideally, you should perform this spell out in the woods.

Cernunnos Male Fertility Spell

Gather all your ingredients, and cast your circle.

Light your candle, and sit in meditative silence for a few minutes, clearing your mind of all stray thoughts. Now, you will connect with the spirit of nature. If you are outdoors in the wild, simply sit with the knowing that you are connected to everything around you. If you are indoors, visualise yourself sitting in a wild, ancient forest. Feel your connection to the trees, the grass and the shrubs around you. Know that this is where you came from. Sit in this feeling for a while. Do not rush it, enjoy the feeling of being connected to the fertility of the earth.

Now it is time to invoke Cernunnos. You may use your own words, or you may use the following incantation, as long as you are speaking from the heart.

“Oh Horned one, Lord of the Dance,

God of hunt, God of grain,

I sit in the cradle of your fertility

And I ask you to grant me the same.”

Sit in silence for a while, as you connect with the wild and playful spirit of Cernunnos. You may then offer him the food and drink you have gathered for him (if you are performing this indoors, place the offerings on a plate before you, and afterwards go outside to leave them in a suitable spot). If you have brought a bottle of wine or beer, pour it into the ground. If you have brought food, leave it on the ground, by the foot of an oak tree if possible.

Take a moment now to visualise the baby you wish to conceive. Feel the spirit of Cernunnos filling both you and your future baby. Joy, play and mischief will soon be afoot.

Thank the God for his presence, and close your circle.

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