Childbirth Protection Spell

childbirth spell

The purpose of this spell is to cleanse a room before childbirth occurs, to keep out any negative or unwanted influences, and to help bring about an easy and speedy delivery. It must be prepared well in advance of the predicted due date.

This spell involves making a ritual broom, which will then be used to sweep negative energies out of the birthing room.

Part 1: Making the Ritual Broom

Perform this part of the spell as early in the pregnancy as possible.

You will need:

  • A short handle for the broom (ideally made of birch, fig or pomegranate)
  • Thin, flexible twigs for the broom brushes (preferably willow)
  • Cord
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Any charms, talismans, or decorations that symbolise protection to you
  • White cloth

Gather all the twigs to form a bunch, with the broom handle in the middle. Tie the cord securely around the twigs and the handle. You can trim the ends of the twigs to make them the same length.

If you want to add charms to the broom, you can tie them with string, or glue them to the shaft of the broom.

childbirth broom

Next, you need to cleanse and charge the broom.


Use white sage or other incense to smudge the broom. Blow the smoke over the broom, and see the smoke carrying away any energies which are not conducive to the broom’s purpose.


Cast a circle for your spell before you begin. Take some time to center yourself in the circle, and meditate on your intention (a safe and easy delivery) until it is clear in your mind without distractions.

Take the broom, and chant the following over it three times:

Air, water, fire and earth
Charge this broom, protect the birth.

As you chant, visualise the energies of the four elements appearing from their cardinal points and and merging inside the broom (it helps to study this article on elemental magick beforehand, to get more familiar with the feel of the elements). As they merge, see the broom become saturated with this wonderful, strong, protective energy.

Before you finish the ritual and close the circle, wrap the broom in the white cloth. It needs to be kept in a place where it will be undisturbed and unseen until the time of childbirth, so that the energies can rest and lay dormant until then.

Part 2: Using the Ritual Broom

When the time for childbirth comes, unwrap the broom. Sweep the thresholds – both windows and doors – of the birthing room, sweeping and directing the energies outwards.  During childbirth, you may sweep more if you feel the need to. After the baby arrives, take the broom apart, and bury or scatter the pieces.

Blessed Be!

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