Fairy Magic

fairy magic

If you have entered this enchanted world, I may assume that you are somehow called to the secret realms of Fairy Magic. Something of their mystical song has touched your ears, or your heart, or a hidden place of sub-conscious imaginings. And perhaps you have been led to believe (by parents, or teachers in school) that the world of Fairy is nothing more than imaginings – the whimsical flight of folly that children’s minds may fall prey to. But you are older now, and surely wiser. And here you sit, looking out into the veil of ether for that which your heart still longs for: the realm in which all your imaginings may at last be brought to light! This sacred place of Self is where we shall begin…the part of you that still believes!

To enter the world of Fairy magic, you must believe that there is more to this universe than what can be seen by human eyes. You must believe in the hidden, the shadowed, and the obscure. You must begin to search with your inner eyes for that which lies beyond the mists, for it is there that you will find the first thresholds of Fey! These thresholds will open up into vast worlds, as diverse and complex as our own. The Realm of Fairy magic is not a place of fluttering tiny beings that delight only in tickling our upturned human noses. It is an entire dimension – richly inhabited by many races, species and beings.

The enchanted dimension of Fairies has existed side by side with our human one for thousands of years. It is said in Fairy myths that there was once a time when the human and Fairy worlds were one. But legend tells that our human ancestors became trapped in the physical world, to the denial of their spirits. They became less and less aware of what was hidden just beyond their physical sight, and their true sight – the vision of the soul – grew less and less acute.

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Today, surrounded by noise, pollution and industry, it is doubly difficult to reach the quiet places of our spirits that remain open to other dimensions. And yet people everywhere are reaching into the past for some insight into all that is magical, mystical and contra-mundane! Perhaps the soul of humanity is remembering. To enter the world of Fairy magic is a remembering indeed, for we must look back into ancestral vision, childhood dreams, and the deep sub-conscious aspects of self that intuitively comprehend the existence of other realms. We must remember to stop, to listen, to think, to perceive, to dream, and to learn. So much enchantment awaits the open mind and heart!

Where do Fairies exist? We often think of distant mist-clad lands, covered in green mosses and magic. We imagine a place described in the tales of our youth, where miracles and mischief existed side by side. Most often, we think of somewhere other than where we are. But the land of Fairy magic is here! It is all around us at every turn. It is only our perception that is lacking if we do not see it. And perceptions can grow!

The world of Fairy magic can be found on a green meadow, or a river bank kissed by the sun. It is hidden on a moonlit moor, on the steep side of a mountain, or just off the road in a secret woodland glen. The natural world provides all the portals we could ever need to enter into Faery, but we must remember how to make the journey.

Fairy Summoning Spell

spell to summon a fairy

To begin, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You may want to light a fairy candle (pictured above) to help you draw in the energies of the Sidhe. Sit comfortably, relaxing your body with rhythmic breathing. Allow your mind to settle, releasing any errant thoughts. When you feel completely calm and at peace, ring a small bell three times, and begin your prayer. As you speak, visualize images of the Good Folk. See the light of their spirits gathering all around you. Say the prayer one or three times, and then ring the bell seven times. Wait in silence for any communion or communication the Fairies might offer.

Mist-clad in the light of the moon
Starspun seekers – I search for thee!
Faery light – I ask thy boon
Of branch and thorn and Elder tree!
Wood woven creatures, shadow weavers
River keepers – come to me!
Just beyond reaching
Never in keeping
Spirits of Faery – I call unto thee!
Wind-hewn wildness
Dark and brightness
Spiral enchantments – born of the sky!
Cradle me with eleven hands,
Abide with me, thy human child!

When you are ready to return to your ordinary consciousness, ring the bell three times and with deep full breaths, inhale vital energy and vitality. Record any special experiences in a journal so that you will retain them in full detail.

Blessed Be.


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