Protection against harmful spirits

If you find yourself being attacked or otherwise influenced by an otherworldly spirit or entity, you must seek protection.  This is a three-stage process to rid yourself of the unwanted beings and protect yourself.

1. Protection

If you can, acquire one or more of the following gemstones:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Agate
  • Bloodstone
  • Emerald
  • Labradorite
  • Black Onyx
  • Peridot
  • Emerald

These are crystals that protect you from harmful spirits and psychic intrusion. Black Tourmaline may be the most effective, but any of them would work. If you can find orgonite containing one of these stones, that would be even more effective.

The next step will be to surround yourself with a shield of protective light.  This comes from within, and you can conjure it up yourself through meditation.

Begin each day with sitting down in a quiet space for five minutes, visualising a bright bubble of light around you, reaching about an arm’s length away from your body.  Make it any colour you feel comfortable with.

Repeat the following words: “I surround myself with a shield of protection.  I am safe within my space.”  Feel the light emanating from you, growing brighter with each deep breath.  It is strong and controlled, vibrating at a high frequency.  No evil spirit can penetrate this force field.

Finally, ask your spirit guides, guardian angels and the God and Goddess to protect you.

2. Cleansing

You will then need to cleanse the space where you sense the negative intrusion.  If it follows you around, use these methods around your body.

For this, it best to use incense. Use either sage, sandalwood or frankincense.  Sprinkle sea salt around the area.  Say words like the following, over and over as you cleanse your space:

“Any unwanted spirits and entities, please leave now.
Any evil or negative energies or presences, please leave this space.
You don’t belong here.  I am sending you home.
Go back whence you came. Please leave NOW.
Only light and healing energy is allowed in this room.
Thank you.”

Repeat these or similar words until you feel satisfied.

3. Communication

Follow steps 1 and 2.  If they don’t work, you must try to communicate with the spirit.  This can be dangerous, so follow the instructions carefully.

Cast a protective circle.  Sprinkle sea salt around it for extra protection.

Wear or carry your gemstones or orgonites.  Ask them to protect you.

Activate your protective light shield as per step 1.

Then you may speak to the spirit.  Say something along the lines of:

“Spirit who presently resides here.  I am protected and you cannot harm me.  I address you with the utmost respect.

I do not know your reasons for being here, but you are intruding on my/our live(s), and there is nothing for you here.  I am asking you to please leave.  Go back whence you came.  Go home, where you will be at peace.  Thank you.”

When you’re ready, close your circle.

Keep your gemstones or orgonites near you as often as you can.  Whenever you feel like there might be a negative presence, take deep breaths (which strengthens your aura), try to remain calm, visualise the light bubble around you, and ask your guides/angels to stay near and keep you safe.

If this still doesn’t work,  you should contact a psychic for assistance.

For banishing and protection spells which come with all ingredients and step-by-step instructions, have a look at our Banishing Spell Kit and Protection Ritual Bath Kit. There are also numerous other oils, candles and powders that can be used for protection – head over to World of Witchery to check them out!

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