Simple Ostara Ritual

Winter is over and the world is reawakening. The great Mother, our Goddess, breathes life into the world once more, and the Horned God is playing in the forest, resurrected for another cycle. Ostara is here, and before us lies spring and summer, warmth and comfort, thriving nature, and endless possibilities.

Many Ostara rituals are intricate and beautiful, but if you don’t have the time or resources for those more complex undertakings, here is a quick and simple Ostara ritual to welcome spring.

~ ~ ~

All you need is…

  • A silver candle to represent the Goddess
  • A gold candle to represent the God
  • A plant – in a pot, or a tree or bush; anything that grows out of soil

~ ~ ~

Cast your circle.

Place the two candles on either side of the plant. There you have your representation of the God and Goddess, and the plant representing the life they create together.

As you light the candles, say the following:

“Maiden Mother
Lord Father
Once again you dance together
We witness the glory of your union
As the days grow longer
And the light grows warmer
Hear our celebration
And receive our thanks
May we live in harmony together
Blessed be”

Take a moment to contemplate any creative endeavours or new beginnings in your life. Visualise them taking form and manifesting for you. Feel the joy of all the possibilities that lie ahead.

If you want to give your projects an extra push, you may ask the Goddess Ostara to help you:

“Spirit of Ostara, for these new ventures I ask your blessing and aid.

Thank the God and Goddess, and close your circle.

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