Magickal Properties of Crystals A-Z

magickal properties of crystals

Here’s a “cheat sheet” to easily find out which crystals should be used when in magickal operations:

AgateStrengthens and tones body,mind and spirit. Gives a sense of strength and courage
AlexandriteSoothes the nervous system. Aligns the mental and emotional body. Crown chakra
AmazoniteBrings joy and upliftment. Throat chakra.
AmberHealing, purification, transmuting negative energy to positive, good luck, past life regression, opens the crown chakra
AmethystHealing, peace and tranquillity, meditation, protection, psychic power, spirituality, love, used to treat insomnia
AngeliteBalancing, protection, astral travel, telepathy, mental ability, peace and harmony, dispels anger, healing
Apache TearComforting grief, forgiveness, protection, dispels negativity, grounding, inner vision, understanding
AquamarineCourage, protection, spirituality, self-love, intellect, aligns the chakras, inspiration, emotional stability, connection to the higher self
AventurineProtection, balancing energies, leadership, decision making, creativity, contacting spirit guides, activates the heart chakra
AzuriteFor clear meditation, this also increases psychic powers. Throat chakra
BloodstoneIntense healing, courage, acceptance, grounding, wisdom, love, creativity, mysticism, spirituality, enlightenment, intuition
CalciteGood for reducing stress and emotionally balancing, grounding. Good for all chakras.
CarnelianLove, compassion, energy, mental ability, intuition, protection from fear, envy and anger, banishes negativity
Celestite: Reduces stress. Helps in creative expression of yourself. Throat chakra
ChrysocollaLove, balance, strength, harmony, understanding, visions, healing, grounding, easing emotional heartache
ChrysopraseBalancing, calming, fertility. Can bring out hidden talents inside you. Heart chakra.
CitrineMoney, balance, energy, creativity, mental focus, emotional stability, courage, banishes negativity
CopperHelps to detoxify the body and raises self esteem
DiamondThis is a master healer. It dispels negativity and purifies. For abundance. All chakras
DioptaseGives you peace of mind. Abundance, health, well being, progress. Heart chakra.
EmeraldHappiness, harmony, meditation, legal matters, discernment, mental capacity, protection
FluoriteStability and order, intuition, purification, contacting the faery world, spiritual balance and enlightenment
GarnetHealth, awareness, love, commitment, courage, energy, purification, protection
GoldVery good for attracting positive energy into your aura. Naval, heart and crown chakras.
HematiteGrounding and centering, memory, mental order, balance, inner happiness, transforming negative to positive
HerkimerThis will enhance your inner visions and increase your dreams
IoliteHealing, meditation, visions, astral travel, money management, harmony in relationships
JadeDreams, peace, spirituality, meditation, astral travel, inspiration, confidence
Jasper, RedAwareness, protection health, grounding, astral travel, remembering dreams
KunziteCan heal depression, enhance self esteem, soothing. Heart chakra
KyaniteIncreases the ability to communicate, expression, astral travel. Throat and third eye chakras.
Lapis LazuliMystic knowledge, courage, organization, anti-depression, protection, balancing female and male energies
LepidoliteStress reduction, transitions, astral travel, diplomacy, self-love, honesty, communications, business endeavors
MalachiteTransformation, insight, protection, travel, finances, fidelity, intuition
MeteoriteGreat for revealing past lives, expand awareness. Root chakra.
MoldaviteHelps alignment with the Higher Self. Heart chakra.
MoonstoneBalancing, spirituality, intuition, changing cycles, stress reduction, confidence, Goddess energy, happiness, luck
ObsidianGrounds spiritual energy and absorbs and gets rid of negativity. Root chakra.
OnyxBalance the female and male energies, relieve stress and self control. All chakras.
OpalGreat emotional balancer. Enhances intuition. Heart chakra.
PeridotPurifies the body. Stimulates the mind and increases awareness. Naval, heart and solar plexus.
Petrified WoodPast-life regression, grounding, strength, crisis-support, connecting to the higher self, protection
PyriteInfluences positive moods, harmony. Heart, root, solar plexus chakras.
RhodochrositeHeals emotional wounds. Accept life and self, good healer. Root and heart chakras
RhodoniteBrings love, manifestation, self esteem and confidence. Heart and root chakra.
Quartz CrystalEnergy, power, psychic ability, meditation, healing, visions and scrying, protection, astral travel, etc., etc., etc.
Rose QuartzLove, imagination, the arts, balance, de-stressing
RubyActivates movement, courage, power, leadership. Heart and root chakras
Rutilated QuartzHelps with depression. All chakras.
SapphireAwakens psychic powers. Love, loyalty. Throat and third eye chakras.
SeleniteAids clarity and concentration. Increases willpower. Heart chakra.
SilverRelates to the Moon. Excellent energy conductor.
Smoky QuartzHelps in depression. Relaxes you and calms you. Grounding, centering. Naval, root chakras.
SodaliteBrings truth and increases communication. Throat and third eye chakras.
SugiliteEmotional balancer and stress reducer. Crown and third eye chakras
Tiger EyeCourage, stability, energy, psychic ability, insight, intution, anti-depressant
TopazEmotional balancer. Tranquility, peace, soothing. Heart, throat and third eye chakras
TourmalinaProtection, grounding, balancing.
TurquoiseGrounding, protection, healing, wisdom, love, psychic power, communication
VarisciteSelf confidence, abundance, calming, soothing. Heart and solar plexus chakras
ZirconSelf esteem and emotional balance. Helps in sleep and an all around healer. All chakras.

Where to Buy crystals for Magickal Purposes

Exquisite Crystals have a large selection of tumbled stones, as well as some beautiful geodes and crystal clusters.  Bear in mind that you don’t want to “recycle” crystals for spells – each one should be dedicated to a different purpose. So, using gemstone chips may be more practical if you plan on doing many spells. You can find plenty of gemstone chips on Amazon.

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