The Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone

triple goddess - maiden mother croneIn many Wiccan traditions, The Triple Goddess is recognized and honored as a triadic deity consisting of three aspects: The Maiden, Mother and Crone. Each of them represent the energy of the major stages in a woman’s life, and correspond to the three phases of the moon; Waxing for the Maiden, Full for the Mother, and Waning for the Crone.

Each aspect is an energy, or an archetype, that can be embodied and worked with at any time, and can help you bring about powerful and effective changes that you desire in your life. What’s most important is how these archetypes make themselves known to you and how you interpret and express them. For example, when you need an extra boost to get things done or to find your passion, or start something new, you can do so by working with any of the Maiden goddesses. If you want to nurture and manifest something from what you already know you want, or you want to reclaim your personal power, you can do so by working with any of the Mother goddesses. If you are wanting to let go of something that no longer serves you, you can do so by working with any of the Crone goddesses.

The Maiden

The Maiden represents the waxing moon; she is the birth of a new cycle, she is the seedling, and the fresh energy of youth. She is associated with childhood, innocence, virginity, new beginnings, and potentiality. The maiden’s focus is on self-awareness, and developing her own strength, knowledge, and talents. The two sabbats associated with the Maiden are, Imbolc, and Ostara. Her element is Air, and her season is Spring. Any rituals invoking the Maiden goddess should be performed during the ascending (waxing) moon, which is a particularly potent time for Air magick – creative expression, singing, making wishes, and seed planting rituals.

Maiden Goddesses:

Brighid – Celtic Triple Goddess. She represents three stages of a woman’s life, the virgin, the mother, and the elder/crone. She is a protector of mothers, and their children, and is a midwife goddess who aids with childbirth. She is the great goddess of the hearth, healing, art and poetry. She can be called upon as a protector, healer, and as a creative muse.

Diana – Roman Lunar Goddess of the Hunt. She carried a silver bow and arrow and is the guardian of the wild animals, and the forest. She is associated with fertility, independence, strength, focused thoughts, intention, and action. She can be called upon to help you be more independent. She was traditionally worshipped for improving fertility, conceiving a child, and having a painless childbirth.

Ostara – Celtic Goddess of Spring and Fertility of the Land. Her symbols are eggs, spring flowers, and white rabbits. She can be called upon to bring rebirth and new growth into your life.

Rhiannon – Welsh Lunar Goddess. She is a goddess of love, passion, inspiration and transition. She is often depicted riding a white horse. She can be called upon when you need to make changes in your life, to find your passion, or before embarking on long journeys.

The Mother

The Mother Goddess represents the full moon, the cycle of maturity, the peak of power and the point of manifestation in the lunar cycle. She is the stage of fruition, the flower, the fruit, and the harvest of the land. The Mother’s focus is about procreating, and her ability to grow and nurture something. She is associated with the sabbats, Beltaine, Litha and Lammas. Her element is fire, and her season is Summer. Any ritual invoking the Mother goddess should be performed during the night before, during, or after the full moon, which is a particularly potent time for performing Fire magick – candle magick and fertility magick.

Mother Goddesses:

Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of Love, beauty and female sexuality. She can be called upon for developing self-love, your own style, and with connecting to your inner and outer beauty.

Arianrhod – Celtic Lunar Goddess of Fertility, Destiny and Fate. She is often depicted spinning a silver wheel, which is the symbol of time and fate. She can be called upon for a favorable outcome with your destiny and karma.

Danu – Celtic Mother Goddess. She is the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the first Celtic peoples to arrive in Ireland. She can assist you with connecting to the Celtic lands, and to your inner warrior self.

Demeter – Greek Mother Goddess of the Grain Harvest. She call be called upon for bringing the harvest into areas of your own life, such as, career, love, wealth, etc.

The Crone

The Crone Goddess represents the waning moon and the new moon; she is the end of a cycle and it’s completion, she is the dying earth, whose decay brings new life. The Crone’s focus is that of reflection, reviewing, wisdom, prophecy, and transformation. She is closely linked to death, rebirth, psychic awareness, shape-shifting, and healing. The sabbats associated with the Crone are, Mabon, Samhain, Yule. Her elements are Water and Earth, and her seasons are Autumn/Winter. Any rituals invoking the Crone should be performed during the waning moon, or the night before and during the new moon, which is a particularly potent time for Water Magick – – scrying, divination, psychic development, past-life recall, meditation, and Earth Magick – gardening, herb magick.

Crone Goddesses:

Cerridwen – Welsh Goddess of Wisdom and Old Age. She stirs the cauldron of wisdom, death, rebirth and transformation. She can be called upon to guide you to your wisdom and show you the path to transformation.

Hecate – Greek goddess of the Underworld, Afterlife, and Magick. She can be called upon when spellcasting, or doing past life recall.

Morrigan – Celtic Goddess of War and Death, She is a shape-shifter and is often depicted as a Raven or Crow. She represents witches, shape-shifters, and your shadow-self. She can be called upon for matters concerning death.

Breigh Frye is a Writer, Folk Herbalist, and Wiccan High Priestess. She has performed wheel of the year ceremonies and led women’s circles for over 10 years and has a very down to earth and practical approach to practicing Wicca. She works very closely with the earth element and the hedgerow plants and she formulates many rituals and spells with what’s growing at her feet at any given time of year. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as “The Earth Priestess” or at her website:

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