Wiccan Orgonite

Orgonite talismans are spiritual tools that help convert negative energy into positive energy.  They are based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich who discovered that life-force energy is attracted by inorganic materials and simultaneously attracted then repelled by organic materials.  This causes a scrubbing action which re-energises stale and negative energy and converts it into fresh, positive energy.  orgonites are made of organic resin and inorganic metal shavings.

Orgonite talismans contain quartz crystals, which all Wiccans know are powerful for cleaning energy and storing intentions.  Additionally, they contain other gemstones which influence the properties of the talismans. Any gemstone which is contained in orgonite becomes magnified in power, since they are high-energy devices.

For example:

  • Turquoise – This is a powerful, all-purpose healing stone which also enhances creativity
  • Black tourmaline – This stone repels negative psychic energy and keeps you grounded
  • Hematite – Similar to black tourmaline, it also boost self-confidence
  • Rhodocrosite and rose quartz – For attracting romantic love
  • Lapis lazuli – For increasing your psychic powers and giving you spiritual clarity
  • Garnet – Attracts money, increases success in business and relieves depression

 Orgonite talisman pendants can help you increase your magic powers by surrounding you with positive energy.

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10 thoughts on “Wiccan Orgonite”

  1. I read about orgonite somewhere else and got a pendant a few months ago, it really works! Like crystals but more powerful. These pendants are so much more beautiful than any I have seen. Do you make these?


    1. Amaris Silver Moon

      Hi Candice!

      I’m glad you like them – I don’t make these, a friend of mine does. I have one of hers with black tourmaline and it is indeed very powerful! Keeps all negativity at bay… I have also started making my own pendants infused with power, and hopefully within a few weeks they will be available to buy on this site!


      1. I like them too. do you know of anyone in Germany making ledgit ones? I am trying to avoid shipping. 🙂

  2. So what do they do? I get that they change neg energy, but can u use them in a ritual for magick purpose??

    1. Amaris Silver Moon

      Hi Dalinar,
      You can, yes. I program my pendants during rituals for specific purposes. If I wanted to enhance my intuition, for example, I’d use a lapis lazuli one and charge it with my specific intent during the ritual.

  3. i am looking forward in trying these spells. my ex coeworker is dating my husband and shes got him spung on meth and she distroyed my family and my daughter is so hurt by this. an i know what i send comes back three fold.. i have done nothing to her… to deserve this much pain.. he has kicked us out of our home and now i am homeless i just want my husband back and my daughter wants her dad back.. thank you

  4. this has been my religion my whole life and im just starting to be allowed to learn about it. i dont know where to get the stones at tho or what kinds you can use for good or evil (make sure i dont get the bad ones!!!) i love wicca and i love being who i am i just dont know anything about how to use the stones or how to do spells yet. maybe someone on here can help me?

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