9 Wiccan Ways to Beat the Blues

We all feel sad and blue sometimes. When you are feeling down in the dumps, you can turn to Wiccan and spiritual practises to help you. Here are nine ideas of ways to pick you up when you are feeling low.

1. Use the Healing Power of Crystals

crystal healing for sadness

Crystals are commonly used in Wiccan rituals. They can absorb, reflect, focus and direct our energy, making them ideal to use when you are feeling sad. Placing different crystals on your body is an easy way to connect with their energy. A simple way you can use crystals is to wear them.

You can wear jewellery that incorporates crystals, or just carry one in your pocket. Another way of using crystals is to sleep with one under your pillow, or hold one while you are meditating. You can even look for orgonite which contains the crystals you are interested in.

Below are a few suggestions of different crystals and their uses:

Amethyst: A natural tranquilliser and relieves stress, soothes irritability and calms your mood.
Rose Quartz: The strongest heart chakra crystal. It can help to turn negative emotions into positive ones.
Hematite: Known to help stress, relieve pain and heal the body.

2. Make a Magickal Cup of Tea

herbal tea to help ease sadness

A hot cup of tea can work wonders to cheer you up. The ritual of making tea is part of this. Why not treat yourself to a beautiful tea set to use?

You can buy ready made tea bags, or for a more natural alternative buy loose leaf tea and a strainer. You could even grow and pick your own herbs to make your tea. When you are making the tea, use visualisation to infuse it with your intent in order to make it more effective! You can even enlist the aid of the healing plant spirit of the herb you are ingesting.

Below are a few ideas of different tea leaves to choose from:

Chamomile: Calming and alleviates stress and anxiety.
Jasmin: Good for PMS and for general stress reduction.
Lemon balm: Reduces stress and anxiety, promote sleep, assists digestion,
Peppermint: Refreshing, mood lifting, cleansing.

3. Connect with Nature

nature walk - wicca for the blues

Walking can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Walking releases endorphins which can help to reduce stress hormones.

Walking can be part of your Wicca practice as well. Being outside and enjoying nature, appreciating the seasons and witnessing the change in them can lift your mood, and make you appreciate the seasons.

Make it part of your daily routine or go out for a nature walk. You can go alone, or use it as a chance to spend some time talking to a loved one.

4. Get in Tune with the Moon and Stars

stargazing - wicca to help sadness

The moons state and position is important in Wiccan practice. The moon represents the Goddess and sabbats are based on the position of the moon. The moons phases can also affect spellwork. Spending time outside gazing at the stars and moon is relaxing and will also deeper connect you to your Wicca practice.

Wear some warm clothes, take a blanket to lie on and a flask of hot chocolate (or something stronger). Bring a friend with you or go by yourself, Take a book and identify the constellations, or just enjoy looking up at the Universe.

5. Ingest Mood-Altering Foods

dark chocolate - anti-depression foods

Different foods can help to lift your mood. Try dark chocolate, asparagus, honey, eggs, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, herbal teas and blueberry juice.

Think about the seasons and which sabbat is approaching and try to make a seasonal meal that is appropriate for the sabbat.

Or make a food gift which you can give to someone or share with someone. Make a picnic and eat it on the beach or in a park. In winter make a meal you can eat by candlelight. Or brave the outdoors and have a picnic outside, wrapped up in blankets and take a thermos of hot soup.

6. Meditate Daily

meditation - beat blues with spiritual practice

Practicing meditation and Wicca go hand in hand. Meditation is worth practicing for five minutes every day.

You can meditate outside with nature, on a walk, or at your altar. Find somewhere private, that resonates with you and where you won’t be interrupted.

At its most basic, meditation is a time to sit and relax. Sit down and sit up straight. Relax your body and close your eyes. Be still and silent and concentrate on your breathing. As you breathe focus on a mantra which is a positive saying which you can repeat. Or you can hold a crystal in your hand whilst you meditate. End your practice at the time which feels best for you. To end it slowly open your eyes and bring back your attention into the world around you.

To find out more read Wiccan Meditation Techniques.

7. Candle and Incense Magick

candles and incense - anti-sadness rituals

The natural light of candles is a welcome antidote to the artificial light we are used to being lit by, or staring at on a screen. Candlelight is natural, calming and makes you feel more connected to the world around you.

The different scents you can get from scented candles or incense can also help to boost your mood. Try burning scents of lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon or peppermint.

If you would like to learn about how to incorporate candles into your magical practice read Candle Magic for Beginners.

8. Get Creative

get creative to be happy

Being creative has been proven to improve happiness. There are many ways you can incorporate creativity into your Wicca practice and improve your happiness.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep a diary of your Wicca practice, this will one day become your book of spells.
  • Try making a seasonal craft item, such as A Brighid dolly or corn dolly, an Ostara egg charm, or a Yule wreath.
  • Learn about Sigil Magick and design your own sigil to promote happiness.

9. Run a Ritual Bath

ritual bath - wicca to help sadness

A ceremonial bath is practiced by many Wiccans. Some time to yourself in the bath can also help in times of stress.

Burn candles or incense of lavender, rose, yang slang, bergamot or frankincense.

Put on some relaxing music. Get a muslin bag or cloth and place herbs in it. Tie it up and hang it around the hot top so the water runs through it. Add herbs of lavender, chamomile, sage, sandalwood, sweetgrass or peppermint depending on your mood.

If you would like to read more about ritual baths, read A Happiness Ritual Bath.

What about Serious Depression?

These tips are advice for those who feel seasonally unhappy or are feeling the blues. If you feel that your problem is more serious and you are suffering from depression, stress or something else then please speak to your healthcare professional or doctor. Or contact one of the following charities:

I hope you have found these ideas inspiring.

I am not a doctor or healthcare professional and the opinions in this article are my opinions, not fact. Please be careful when eating and drinking different herbs and using crystals. They have wonderful healing properties but equally they can be harmful. Make sure if you source your own plants that you have correctly identified what they are. Speak to a doctor if you have any concerns.

Holly is a writer who specialises in writing about Paganism, folk tales and also writes fiction. Her magical interests include herbalism and tarot. When not writing Holly works in a museum. Holly loves walking, nature and watching horror films. Visit hollyknowles.co.uk for more.

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