A Happiness Ritual Bath

A ceremonial bath is a Wiccan ritual suitable for all levels of practice. Some time to yourself in the bath can also help in times of stress. This ritual is designed for those who are stressed, feeling blue and need to spend some time focusing on themselves. For this bath you will not need many items, so it is a spell that anyone can do.

Water and Spells

Water is one of the four elements of magic. It is a cleansing, feminine element. Water is important in spells of friendship and fertility, as well as happiness. Water can cleanse and heal the body, mind and soul. Water gives us life.

Selecting your Candle

Select a coloured candle to use for this spell and anoint it. It is more therapeutic to bathe by candlelight as it is a natural source of light. Of course you can have your ritual bath during the day, in which case use natural light. Good colours for happiness include ;

Yellow– happiness, joy, hope, sunshine, self esteem
Blue– peace, tranquility, calmness
Orange– Promotes stimulation, joy and success.

If you would like to learn more about different colours sand their meanings click here.

Floral Herb Mixture

Below is how to make a simple herb mix to add to your bath. You can make this in advance, and pour in just before you bath. If you choose to add in essential oils, do not mix them into the herb mixture, add them directly to the bath before you get in.

As you run your bath, put in the following:

Jasmine is good for calming stress, anxiety, calming emotions, fatigue and PMS. Rose calms your temper, and relieves hostility.

What you need:

  • Bath
  • Wine
  • Candles- several for light, and your coloured candle for the ritual
  • Music- Try whale song, rainforest, rain sound effects, pagan music or chanting.
  • Floral herb mixture

The Happiness Bath Ritual

Put music on if you wish (being careful not to get anything electric near water), light your candles (but not your ritual candle just yet) and pour your floral herb mixture into the bath.

Get in the bath, breathe deep, and relax. When you are ready hold your ritual candle and light it. As you hold it, say this spell:

Water run and river flow
Goddess I call you here
Bad thoughts, I let you go
I am calm and have no fear

Put the candle down, close your eyes and relax in the bath. When you feel ready get out of the bath and drain it. You can leave the candle to burn if you wish (if it is safe to).

As an alternative, you can use our Hope Spell Kit, which comes complete with all ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell to be able to see the silver linings in life, especially when going through difficult times.

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