A Mabon Apple Ritual

mabon apple ritualMabon, the mid-harvest festival and second harvest festival of the wheel of the year is a lesser Wiccan sabbat. There are many different areas of magic you can focus on at this time. This includes rituals to honour the God and Goddess, apple and harvest rituals, and gratitude rituals.

Here I am going to share with you a simple Mabon apple ritual. This apple ritual is designed to help you honour the gods and their blessings. This spell is designed for a solo practitioner, and is simple for those who are new to Wicca.

What you will need:

– Your altar space, or somewhere quiet to work
– Candle
– An apple

If you do not have an altar, find a quiet, peaceful place to cast your spell. Decorate it with symbols of Mabon such as pumpkins, leaves and seasonal fruit. Another option is to find a private space outside to work.

To cast a spell you need a candle which has not been used before. Try to get a candle in a seasonal colour. Read Candle Magic for Beginners, for more information about how to use candles in spells.

In choosing your Mabon apple you ideally need to source an apple that has been grown locally. If you do not grow your own perhaps you know someone who does, or you can pick one from a tree (always get the land owners permission).

A Mabon Apple Ritual

Optional: If you normally cast a circle as part of your spell ritual, then do it now.

Light your harvest candle. Face your altar and hold the apple in both hands. Close your eyes and concentrate on the apple. Then say the following:

Apple, symbol of healing and love
I know you are a gift from those above
At the time of Mabon, you are so dear
I give thanks for you as a symbol of this time of year

Earth, air, fire, water, spirit
An apple has a five pointed star hidden with it

I give thanks to the God and Goddess
I give thanks to the fertile soil and land they bless
I give thanks for this apple and all that it could be
Love, healing, fertility or health it can bring to me

May the next turn of the wheel ring true
Renewal and rebirth as the wheel turns, and life comes back anew

Think about being grateful for the food you have received, and to honouring the God and Goddess. Place the apple on your altar and blow out the candles. The next day take the apple and place it somewhere in your garden, or somewhere in nature as an offering to the earth.

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