A Spell to Heal a Marriage or Relationship

A spell to heal a relationship or marriageFor this spell you will need:

Spell Preparation

This spell requires about thirty minutes of prep work.

You will begin by writing two letters. You can address them to the God and Goddess or the Universe if you’d like. In the first letter, describe the problems in your marriage and your feelings about it. No one will ever read this letter but you, so be honest! Get angry or get sad, rant and rave as much as you like, as long as you express those feelings honestly and authentically.

Now, once you’ve expressed all your feelings around your relationship, write what you would like to happen in your relationship. How do you want your spouse to act towards you? Would you like them to listen more, to pay more attention to you? What kind of relationship would make you happy? Try to make this letter at least as long, or even longer than your last letter. Go into details where you can.

Once you have done this, you may want to take some time to meditate, or to ground and center yourself before commencing the spell.

Performing the Relationship Healing Spell

Spell to heal your relationship

Gather all your spell ingredients (including the letters you wrote), and cast your circle.  Now light your white candle – representing peace and spirituality – and your pink candle – representing love and affection.

Take the first letter and place it in the fireproof dish.  Light it on fire, and while it burns, feel the negative energies in your marriage or relationship burn away with it.  Recite the following words:

Sacred flames, carry these energies away,
Let our relationship begin anew today.

Take the second letter and the two pieces of string.  Quickly read through the letter again, and take a few minutes to visualise you and your loved one being happy and harmonious together.

Now take the two pieces of string and tie them together at one end to make one long piece of string.  Make sure the knot is strong – it represents your bond with your loved one.  Fold the paper a few times, and wrap the string around it.  As you do so, say:

God and Goddess above,
Help me reunite with my love.
Bring us loving harmony and peace,
May the strength of our bond increase.
So mote it be.

After you have closed the circle, bury the paper and string near a tree (try to find an apple or birch tree as these represent love, but any tree will do).

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