A Spell to Invoke a Dead Spirit or Ghost

spell to invoke a dead spirit or ghostWhen drawing your circle, place a candle in the middle of a black plate or a bowl of thyme. This candle will serve as a beacon to guide the spirit towards the witch, and the heat of the flame will provide energy to help the ghost manifest. Here is the incantation to invoke a dead spirit:

“You who lived yesterday,
I’ll call you from my mind to yours,
Come back from the shadows into the light
and show yourself here.”

Several witches and mediums have a natural facility to sense or even see spirits. For those who have not yet developed this talent, the presence of a ghost has some distinctive signs: the air gets colder, and there may be drafts, noise or spontaneous movement of objects. Some ghosts communicate directly with witches, telepathically transmitting their words and images, others fail to do so and need a way to express themselves physically, such as a Ouija board.

During your time with the spirit, you must not forget that this is a human being who is entitled to the same respect and courtesy as a living being. At the end of the session, you must thank the ghost and say goodbye, and it is also polite to use a formula to deliver them from the physical world and help them return to the afterlife:

“You who lived yesterday,
Thank you,
Now fly away from this earth
and join the world of spirits.”

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