A Wiccan Sex Spell

wiccan sex spellOver 18s only!

Use this spell to attract an abundance of sexual experiences into your life.  It should be performed on a waxing or full moon.

It is best to perform this spell outside, as you need to pour the wine onto the earth during the spell.  If it’s impossible for you to do this, you can gather some soil in a plant pot or similar container and perform the spell indoors.

For this sex spell, you will need:

Performing the Wiccan Sex Spell

Center and ground yourself, then cast your circle with all the spell ingredients in front of you.

Gather the rose petals in your hand, and say:

Venus, Goddess of lust and passion,

Please bless my circle with your presence.

Feel the Goddess fill your circle with her passionate and sensual energy.  Place the rose petals on the ground before you (or on top of the soil in the container).

Now place the garnet crystal on top of the rose petals.  Gaze gently at the crystal, while bringing to mind one or more sexual fantasies.  Visualise in as much detail as you can, place yourself in the fantasy and use all of your senses to make it as real and vivid as possible.  Take as much time as you need – it’s best to spend at least a few minutes immersing yourself in this fantasy.

Now take the chalice with the wine, and ask the Goddess to bring you the sexual experiences you desire.  You can write down your request before performing the ritual, and read it out or memorise it, or you can simply speak to her from your heart.  Do not bring other people into your request – this spell is not meant to influence people to have sex with you.  Ask for the sex that you desire, and those that feel called will choose to participate with you of their own free will.

Now slowly pour the wine onto the garnet, and let it sink into the earth as an offering for the Goddess.

Thank the Goddess for blessing your circle, and bid her farewell, then close the circle.

If you performed the ritual indoors, take the container and pour the wine-soaked soil and the rose petals outside in a place that feels beautiful and peaceful to you (preferably near flowers).  Keep the garnet and place it under your pillow or near your bed.

Enjoy the results of your spell, and don’t forget to be safe! 😉

As an easy alternative to this spell, you can burn this ritually charged Sexuality Spell Candle while meditating on your intentions.

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