Ritual for Self-Love

When we love ourselves, life becomes easier and much more fun. When we realise that it comes down to a choice – to make the decision to love ourselves – then we see clearly that it’s just a matter of practice.  So let’s start that now.

self-loveOur highest state is love, and it all begins with ourselves.  When we love ourselves, others will love us.  When we respect ourselves, others will respect us.  (And those whom we are not meant to be near will then naturally gravitate out of our lives.)

Also, with self-love comes clarity and compassion, two treasured ingredients in magick.  Therefore, it is important that we practice self-love – it’s like a muscle that needs exercise.  Here is a self-love meditation which will help you stay on the path of self-love and self-respect.

This meditation should be carried out regularly, as often as you can and wish.  Once you’ve learned how to perform it, you can shorten it and do quick bursts of it every day – on the bus or waiting in a queue – wherever you are.


Self-Love Meditation

Sit somewhere peaceful and relax into a meditative state.  Let your thoughts flow without paying attention to them, and focus on long, deep breaths.  Whenever you find yourself following a train of thought, let it go, and gently bring your attention back into your body and your breaths.

Now place your full attention in your heart chakra, in the middle of your chest.  Usually, most of our attention is placed around our eyes (since our eyesight is our most active sense), but imagine now that you lower your attention from your eyes and down into your chest.  Here is the seat for healing and love – self-love, friendly love, romantic love, and universal love.

Imagine that you are breathing straight into your heart chakra.selflove2  Feel a ball of light in your chest which grows for each breath – for every in-breath you suck up energy around you, and for every out-breath your heart chakra becomes bigger and bigger, until it spills out into the room as a bright, warm, healing, loving light.  You can enhance this loving energy by thinking about things, people, or animals that you love unconditionally.  You can also visualise anything that brings you joy or energy – for example, imagine that you are sitting in the eye of a powerful tornado, and you are using this energy to strengthen your heart chakra; or that you are bathing in a pool of warm water, perhaps taking energy from a water fall above you.

When you are in the middle of this energy burst, read the following words, slowly and gently, really feeling every word:

“There is abundant love in the Universe
There is abundant love in me
I see myself as the eternal soul I really am
I know I play an important part in this world
Give me guidance to help me see my path
Give me clarity to help me see my worth
I am a Divine being and I love myself deeply
As I am worthy of the love of others
Thank you – So mote it be.”

Breathe slowly and let the power of those words sink in.  If you feel any resistance coming up when reading, find out where in your body you feel the resistance, and direct your heart energy towards it.  Once it feels soothed and diminished, start reading from the beginning.

Imagine standing behind you a bright, loving angel, who is an innate part of your eternal being and who is always looking out for you.  Feel it wrap its wings around you and comfort you.  Sit in the love of the angel and the Universe for as long as you want.

As an extra, you can remind yourself what wonderful qualities you have.  Think of aspects of yourself that you feel improve your or others’ lives; that benefit yourself or others in some way; that other people have noticed or that you know yourself.  Say:

“I am … [sensitive, kind, compassionate, generous, loving, well-meaning, creative, curious, inspiring, caring … etc]

By saying these words out loud during this meditative state, you give them more power and a stronger imprint in your consciousness.


Additional ingredients (not necessary if you don’t have access to them):

~ Rose Quartz – Hold it in your hand throughout the meditation – the stone will provide the vibration of love, which will assist you in aligning with those energies; and the stone will also become charged with your own loving energies during the ritual.  You can then carry the crystal with you as a self-love talisman.

~ Myrrh incense – An incense used for healing and self-love – burn it during the meditation to bring you closer yet to the vibration of self-love.

As an alternative to this spell, you can use our Empowerment Spell Kit, which comes complete with all ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell to enhance your self-esteem and feel fully empowered.

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