Evil Eye Protection Spell

evil eye protection spellThis spell will help for protection against the “evil eye”.  The evil eye is said to be a negative force which causes harm. Sometimes the evil eye is given unconsciously by others – perhaps from feelings of envy, jealousy or resentment that they feel towards you. Other times, it is directed at you intentionally. Whatever the source is, this spell will provide protection against the evil eye.

Before performing the evil eye spell, know that it is not helpful to focus too much on dark forces or negative energies harming you. While it is good for every witch to practice daily protection techniques (this could be as simple as visualising white light or carrying a protective crystal or orgonite), it is important to not “feed” the negative energies with your attention. If you pay too much attention to them, especially with thoughts that are tinged with fear, anger, hatred, or other strong emotions, it provides a “hook” that they can latch onto. So, perform your protective rituals and go about your life, cultivating as many good emotions as you can every day, and resting in the knowledge that you are safe and protected.

Ingredients for the Evil Eye Protection Spell

  • Paper
  • Black cumin seeds
  • A cauldron or other fire-safe container
  • Matches or a lighter

Evil Eye Protection Spell

Cast your circle, and perform any visualisations you usually use to ground, center and balance yourself. If you need to, meditate for a few minutes to calm and clear your mind.

Next, put the black cumin seeds inside the paper, and fold it up over them.

Pass the paper containing the seeds over your body three times ( start at the top of your head and sweep it down to your feet, then sweep it up over the back of your body, as far as you can reach. Do this three times).

Once you have done this, repeat the following incantation:

Protect from the Eye which has looked on me for harm,
Protect with light that is pure and loving,
I reject the Evil Eye, send it away from me.

While doing all this, visualise the Evil Eye energy being absorbed by the seeds. Next, burn the seeds in the cauldron or fire-safe container. When the seeds start crackling and popping, the Evil Eye has been removed and destroyed. If you don’t hear any sounds, this may mean you need to perform the ritual on consecutive nights until you do (or consider performing another type of protection spell, since the harming energy may be of another type).

After performing the spell – whether the seeds cracked or not – perform a white light visualisation. See a beautiful, glowing white light coming down from the heavens and entering your body through your crown. See the energy fill your entire body, until you feel like a glowing being of light. This visualisation is a good one to learn, as it can be performed in any situation where you feel like you need some protection. It may seem simple, and if you are new at it, it may feel like you are just imagining the light and that nothing is happening in real life – but keep practising and keep faith and trust. Energy flows where attention goes, and even if you feel like it’s merely your imagination, this energy is actually entering your body, directed by your will. After some practice, you will be able to truly feel this beautiful, protective energy.

Once you have done all this, your spell is complete!

The spell can also be performed for another person – pass the seeds over their body instead of yours, and replace “me” with “you” in the incantation.

For an alternative to this spell, you can use this Banishing Spell Kit, which comes with ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell that can banish all negative energies, situations and people from your life. For various powders, oils and candles that also offer protection, head over to our favourite spell supply shop, World of Witchery.

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