Invisibility Spell

invisibility spell
This spell will help you go unnoticed when you need it. While you will not become physically invisible, it will cast an aura over you that will make it more difficult for others to notice you.  The spell will however not work if you do things that draw attention to yourself, so after performing the spell and going about your business with your aura of invisibility, make sure that your movements are calm and that you are as silent as possible.

For this Invisibility Spell, You will need:

  • A small pocket mirror

Invisibility Spell

Before beginning the invisibility spell, cleanse your mirror with whichever method you usually use. Smudging it with white sage is a good classic cleansing method.

Cast your circle and call upon any guardian spirits that you feel inclined to call upon, or call upon the God and Goddess if you wish. Some ideas for gods and goddesses that would be suitable for this are: Hecate, Isis, Odin, Freya, Thoth, Circe.

Next, hold the mirror facing away from you, and with your arm outstretched, start slowly turning around widdershins (anticlockwise).  Turn three times, and while doing so, visualise the aura of invisibility being created: in your mind’s eye, see a shimmery silver-grey light surround you. See all the objects within this aura of light turn blurry, and eventually  taking on a reflection of the surrounding area. Visualise everything within the circle of your outstretched arm becoming merely a reflection of the surrounding area, so that you cannot be seen.

Once you have turned around three times and visualised your area of invisibility, repeat the following incantation:

Though they look, they shall not see,
Magic mirror, grant me invisibility.
An it harm none, So mote it be

Thank your guardians, and close the circle. 

Now, whenever you want to be invisible from the sight of other people, carry the magic mirror with you. The spell will be stronger if you take time to perform a quick visualisation of the aura of invisibility surrounding you before placing the mirror in your bag or pocket.

When you are out and about with your invisibility mirror, take care to keep your movements still and calm, and do not look anyone in the eye or touch them. Do not speak, and be as silent as possible.

You will not be physically invisible, but the people around you will tend not to notice you, especially if you are not in their direct line of vision. The aura of invisibility will obscure you from their vision and make it seem like you are not there.

As an alternative, you can use our Glamour Spell Kit, which comes complete with all ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell to appear however you want to other people (or not, in this case!)

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