Making a Dream Pillow

dream pillow spellA dream pillow is a wonderful way to enhance and influence your dreams. You may want to use a dream pillow if:

  • You often have bad dreams or nightmares
  • You have difficulty remembering your dreams
  • You’re trying to learn how to lucid dream and need some help
  • You simply want wonderful, vivid dreams!

For the dream pillow, you will need to sew a small pillow – about a quarter the size of your regular pillow. The best fabric for a dream pillow would be muslin or cotton that isn’t too tightly woven. If you can’t find this, you can cut up an old pillowcase and use this.

Ingredients for your Dream Pillow:

  • A suitable fabric (see above)
  • Needle and thread
  • A small silver charm, ideally an image of the moon (for example this talisman)
  • As many of the following herbs as you want/can find:
    • Chamomile – for relaxation and good dreams
    • Lavender – to soothe and relax you
    • Mugwort – enhances dreams and helps for lucid dreaming and astral travel
    • Wild asparagus root – for lucid dreaming and astral work
    • Peppermint – for relaxation and vivid dreams
    • Burdock – for more positive and vivid dreams, helps against nightmares
    • Rose petals – for loving energy and positive dreams
    • Anise – helps against nightmares
    • Hops – for relaxation and deep sleep
    • Jasmine – for romantic and erotic dreams
    • Cloves – helps induce lucid dreaming

(Herbs can be found in most grocery stores or in our favourite spell supply shop, World of Witchery).

Before sewing your dream pillow, cleanse all of the items you are using – if you don’t already have your own method to do this, you can do it by burning some sage or other cleansing incense and passing it over the items, while visualising a bright white light covering all the objects and removing any negative vibrations from them.

Be sure to charge the dream pillow with your intent while you are sewing it. You can do it within your circle if you want.  Clear your mind and focus solely on your intention – whether it be to have lucid dreams, to have positive dreams instead of nightmares, or to sleep more deeply. When focusing on your intent, it is important to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want – so don’t focus on how you currently have nightmares or don’t sleep well – be confident and focus on your desired outcome as if it is already happen. The herbs will absorb your intent.

Don’t stuff your dream pillow too tightly – if you do so, the herbs won’t be able to “breathe”.  Place the silver charm in the middle of the herbs.

Once you are done making your dream pillow, you can either put it under your head inside your normal pillowcase (if that’s comfortable), or place it beside your head on your pillow on the bed.  The aroma of the herbs, as well as their energetic properties, will influence you as you sleep, and bring you your desired intent of wonderful dreams.

The dream pillow would also make a wonderful gift.  If you want to make it pretty and need some inspiration, you can check out some beautiful handmade dream pillows online.  You can get creative with the fabric, the shape, add lace trimming to the edges, and even embroider the dream pillow if you feel like it!

Sweet dreams!

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